Journey to Topaz Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Yoshiko Uchida
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Chapter 1, Stranger at the Door

• Eleven year Yuki Sakane lives in Berkeley with her brother Ken and her parents Mr. and Mrs. Sakane. Yuki is excited because Christmas is only a few weeks away.

• Yuki is in her garden with her dog Pepper, watching a gray carp swim around the garden pond.
• Mrs. Sakane calls the family inside for dinner. Yuki notes how usually they invite their Japanese neighbors for tea, but today they are eating as a family, which Yuki prefers.

• As the family sit around for dinner, Mr. Sakane puts on the radio. A broadcast tells them the Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor. Soon all their Japanese friends are phoning to talk about the consequences of the attack.

• The FBI and the police ring the Sakane's doorbell. They tell the family they have come to escort Mr. Sakane to the police station. Mr. Sakane wants to...

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