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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections 21-22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much money does Lola give to Bardamu in Section 13?
(a) 100 dollars
(b) 1,000 dollars
(c) 10 dollars
(d) 1 dollar

2. Whom does Bardamu meet in Paris that he falls in lust for?
(a) Molly
(b) Madelon
(c) Musyne
(d) Lola

3. How are the inmates in Section 5 cured?
(a) Anti-depressant medication
(b) Counseling
(c) They are threatened with death on a regular basis
(d) Speeches and electroshock therapy

4. In what way in Section 18 does Bardamu think Robinson is being honest?
(a) He is striving to be a moral character and do whatever it takes to do so
(b) He never lies about himself
(c) He hates Grandma Henrouille
(d) He has given up trying to appease her or be moral to society

5. What do Bardamu and his colleagues do for 'fun' during the war?
(a) Watch whole villages burn
(b) Go to the theatre
(c) Play football
(d) Go to the pub and find prostitutes

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose house do Robinson and Bardamu visit in the village of Noirceur?

2. What does Dr. Paraprine say he has been doing for years?

3. How much money does Grandma Henrouille earn from her job?

4. Why does her family want Grandma Henrouille committed to an asylum?

5. What is the only thing that Bardamu wishes for in Section 9?

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