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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What belief does H.H. say he is sadly sure of?
(a) His friend, Lukas, is a liar.
(b) He will never meet Princess Fatima.
(c) The original League document is in Leo's bag.
(d) His health will weaken befor the Journey is complete.

2. In Part I, what does the narrator realize about the Journey East?
(a) It brings full enlightment to each traveler.
(b) It is a long and difficult journey.
(c) It is a single pilgrmage.
(d) It is a procession of believers moving towards the East.

3. In Part II, another person on the journey claims what about certain writings?
(a) They are understood only by League members.
(b) They are important German writings.
(c) They are writings in French and Hebrew.
(d) They are original characters known only by the master.

4. What or who does H.H. say historical events happen to?
(a) The future.
(b) The participants.
(c) The nameless.
(d) The victors.

5. What does H.H. say his belief is susceptible to in Part II?
(a) The persuasion of the leader.
(b) Many different opions.
(c) The success of the journey.
(d) The whims of his emotions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who or what occupies the narrator's thoughts the most on the journey in Part I?

2. In Part I, what does the narrator say world history often seems like?

3. What does H.H. says happens when he examines things too closely?

4. What doubts do H.H.'s memory of the journey and participants of the World War share?

5. Where does the group think they will go after they see the Goblin?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Part I why does H.H. insist that other authors who claim to be members of the League and write travel diaries are not telling the truth?

2. What can be determined about H.H.'s mood as he begins his journey in Part I?

3. What reason does H.H. give in Part I about readers of his memoirs not comprehending them?

4. What extraordinary thing happens to each member of the journey in Morbio Inferore?

5. In Part I, why does H.H. say the "Third Empire" has shattered?

6. In Part I, why does H.H. decide to try to write a description of his journey?

7. Describe Leo's characteristics as put forth in Part II by H.H.

8. Describe what happens to upset the journey members as Part II begins.

9. What is Morbio Inferiore?

10. What does H.H. say happens to the overall mood of the journey at the beginning of Part II?

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