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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does H.H. say has exaggerated value in Part II?
(a) A missing document.
(b) Lukas' description of the World War.
(c) The power of the League.
(d) The success of the journey.

2. What does Lukas compare H.H.'s experiences on the journey to?
(a) His own war experiences.
(b) The Illiad.
(c) A bad dream.
(d) Mary and Josephs' journey to Egypt.

3. What does H.H. say he will do no matter what happens?
(a) Never break his vow.
(b) Reach his ultimate goal.
(c) Exercise his will.
(d) Work until he dies.

4. How far has the journey traveled as Part II begins?
(a) Through half of Europe and a portion of the Middle Ages.
(b) Beyond the Alps into Ancient Macedonia.
(c) To the woods of Lindhorst.
(d) Almost to the Pyramids of Egypt.

5. What does H.H. say psychologist are?
(a) People who always win arguments.
(b) Egotistical maniacs.
(c) People who traffic in dreams.
(d) Practioners of the unconscious.

Short Answer Questions

1. What time of year does H.H. recall in Part II?

2. What does H.H. say Lukas is known for?

3. What does the narrator say about Leo at the end of Part I?

4. What is H.H.'s relationship to Lukas?

5. Who preserves the memory of Hohenstaufen?

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