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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part II, where does one man assert an important document is?
(a) In Leo's bag.
(b) In a protective leather pouch.
(c) At the journey's end.
(d) In the Blue Pot.

2. What does H.H. say his belief is susceptible to in Part II?
(a) The whims of his emotions.
(b) Many different opions.
(c) The persuasion of the leader.
(d) The success of the journey.

3. Who or what does H.H. say is the basis of his community in Part II?
(a) The League.
(b) The journey.
(c) The Enlightenment.
(d) The Bible.

4. In Part II, what does H.H. say most historians want to do?
(a) Portray events sincerely.
(b) Portray events as they see them.
(c) Portray only what is important to them.
(d) Portray only what they want to remember.

5. What does the narrator say is in the East that disciples are traveling towards?
(a) The great temple of Kundalini.
(b) The Home of LIght.
(c) The Bacchanalian feast.
(d) The dawning of the Third Empire.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part II, how does H.H. describe what everything has become to him?

2. Who unexpectedly disappears from the journey as Part II opens?

3. What does H.H. say no longer exists in the group?

4. What is the first amazing phenomenon the narrator sees in Part I's journey?

5. What does the narrator's vow to the League forbid him to do?

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