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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the deserter relieved of by the Speaker in Part I?
(a) His prayer book.
(b) His personal journal.
(c) His vow of silence.
(d) His cloak.

2. What does H.H. says happens when he examines things too closely?
(a) They become a heavy burden.
(b) They slip away and dissolve.
(c) THey are imprinted forever in his memory.
(d) They come into sharp relief.

3. What happens to H.H.'s first attempt to tell his story?
(a) He is brought to a halt by a single, small episode.
(b) He loses his journal.
(c) He is too sad to remember the events.
(d) He believes the journey is not worth remembering.

4. What does the narrator say each member on the Journey East has to have?
(a) A common goal.
(b) Sturdy boots and clothing.
(c) Food enough to share with each traveller.
(d) Their own private goals.

5. How does H.H. describe certain articles in Part II?
(a) As precious tokens of their journey.
(b) As proofs that the League existed.
(c) As meaningless ornaments of the world.
(d) As seemingly indispensable things.

Short Answer Questions

1. What doubts do H.H.'s memory of the journey and participants of the World War share?

2. Who or what occupies the narrator's thoughts the most on the journey in Part I?

3. What does the narrator's vow to the League forbid him to do?

4. What or who does H.H. wish to save in Part II?

5. In Part I, what does the narrator realize about the Journey East?

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