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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What impression do most people have of the League?
(a) It is an ancient group of mystics.
(b) It is the secret protectors of Christian artifacts.
(c) It is a league of wonderous judges.
(d) It is one of many newly blossomed cults.

2. What is placed on the narrator as he is admitted into the League?
(a) The League ring is placed on his finger.
(b) A simple brown robe with a cowl.
(c) A black fez with a red tassle and gold crescent.
(d) A brilliant purple cape with gold embroidery.

3. What does the narrator's vow to the League forbid him to do?
(a) Communicate anything about his personal experiences.
(b) Advocate for another member if they are courtmartialed.
(c) Die for the sake of the League.
(d) Disclose anything about the League.

4. What do the officials instruct the narrator to do once he is a member of the League?
(a) Meditate and prepare his body and soul to accept the Tao.
(b) Attach himself to a group of ten people en route to the expidition.
(c) Stand vigil over the sacred book for one full day and night.
(d) Fast for forty days to prove he is worthy of the task before him.

5. In Part I, how does the narrator describe encounters with different parties?
(a) Different parties are very secretive.
(b) As pleasant, festive days.
(c) Parties ban together for the rest of the journey.
(d) As difficult and confusing.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part I, what does the narrator realize about the Journey East?

2. What does the narrator say each member on the Journey East has to have?

3. What is the first amazing phenomenon the narrator sees in Part I's journey?

4. In Part I, what does the narrator say that several other authors claim?

5. Who does the narrator meet in Part I and love immediately?

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