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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to H.H. what is new to the group in Part II?
(a) Their spirituality.
(b) Their disputes.
(c) Their leader.
(d) Their goals.

2. What does H.H. believe is the most memorable event in Part II?
(a) The disspersion of the League.
(b) Leo's disappearance.
(c) Their arrival in Italy.
(d) The death of the leader.

3. What is the unanimously observed rule of the group?
(a) Go to Africa and rescue a member from the Moors.
(b) Pay homage to all the ancient places of the League.
(c) Convert unbelievers along their journey,
(d) Preach their gospel to all they met.

4. What or who does H.H. say historical events happen to?
(a) The participants.
(b) The victors.
(c) The future.
(d) The nameless.

5. At the beginning of Part II, who or what else is missing?
(a) Instructions from the League Court.
(b) Other things from everyone.
(c) Orders from the Caliph.
(d) Food needed for the rest of the journey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What unmerited reputation does the League have in Part I?

2. In Part I, what does the narrator realize about the Journey East?

3. What impression do most people have of the League?

4. In Part I, what holds up the journey's progress in a small provincial town?

5. What time of year does H.H. recall in Part II?

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