Journey to the East Character Descriptions

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This character is a musician and collector of songs.


This character is a gentle and friendly person whose simplicity belies deep wisdom.


This is a journalist who has written a popular book about the World War.


This character is introduced to a main character as they walk through the park.

The Painter Klingsor

This character who lived between 1874 and 1966 is referred to in the story .

Princess Fatima

This character is closely related to the prophet Muhammad.

Paul Klee

This is a Swiss/German painter active in the early 20th century.

Hugo Wolf

This is an Austrian composer and companion on the Journey.

Count Keyserling

A wealthy German philosopher who travels the world and writes about his journeys.


A Polish writer considered by some to be a member of the League.

Albert the Great

This person is one of the leaders of the...

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