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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Castaneda see that makes him realize that he is just the same as this item?
(a) Fog
(b) Car
(c) Kite
(d) Beetle

2. Don Juan had planned to __________ Castaneda in the space for a night, but he does not have the power, according to Don Juan.
(a) Bury
(b) Leave
(c) Sit with
(d) Drug

3. Don Juan tells Castaneda to concentrate on specific _____________ in order to be successful in his dream work.
(a) People
(b) Plants
(c) Colors
(d) Objects

4. What is the yellow mass that Castaneda is told to stare at when he and Don Juan go to the desert?
(a) Cloth
(b) Book
(c) Ghost
(d) Bird

5. If Castaneda is not able to hunt for power, Don Juan says that he will be free to be _____________, but Don Juan will continue to be his friend.
(a) A writer
(b) A plant scholar
(c) A student
(d) Stupid

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Don Juan want Castaneda to move his eyes back and forth along?

2. What does Don Juan collect for the night, though he does not let Castaneda help him?

3. Personal power is a ____________, or a mood, according to Don Juan, even though Castaneda does not understand this.

4. Castaneda tells the creature that they are there to ______________ the world

5. What is the name of the person that Castaneda stays with when Don Juan goes off to do an errand?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Don Juan say about his own death and his interaction with it?

2. What does Don Juan give to Castaneda, saying they will keep him warm during the night?

3. What does Don Juan tell Castaneda about his feelings of remorse about his own life?

4. What does Castaneda say is like a disease to him, which he begins to realize is a problem?

5. What costume does Castaneda see Don Juan as wearing when he and the other men are sitting around the fire?

6. What is the yellow formation that Castaneda sees, making him feel slightly ill in the process?

7. What does Don Genero use to make a kite, confusing Castaneda's perception of how a kite should work?

8. Why does Don Juan warn Castaneda not to turn around as they leave the Indians they have met?

9. Why are the town partygoers annoyed with Castaneda, even though he buys drinks for everyone?

10. How does Don Juan say that a good hunter will always know when someone else has been somewhere?

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