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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two, Journey to Ixtlan: Chapter 19, Stopping The World.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Don Juan warns Castaneda not to turn around after embracing the Indians because they are ________________.
(a) Lost nothings
(b) Evil plants
(c) Then shadows
(d) Now shadows

2. Don Juan tells Castaneda that ____________ are not enough to learn about peyote.
(a) Wishes
(b) Assignments
(c) Book deadlines
(d) Intentions

3. What does Don Genaro do with the string and his hat which amazes Castaneda?
(a) Makes a meal
(b) Starts the car
(c) Makes a kite
(d) Finds water

4. The crow that cawed earlier in the story was not cawing for Don Juan, it was cawing for ______________.
(a) Castaneda's friend
(b) La Catalina
(c) Don Geralo
(d) Castaneda

5. What kinds of motions does Don Genaro make on the floor which seem to defy nature?
(a) Flying
(b) Carving
(c) Swimming
(d) Dancing

Short Answer Questions

1. Castaneda concedes that Don Juan does not ____________ anything of him.

2. What does Don Juan demand when he and Castaneda arrive at the desired location out of town?

3. Don Juan says that he will teach Castaneda to be a ___________, though that might not make him one.

4. According to Don Juan, the key to becoming a hunter is to want to ____________.

5. Don Juan feels the difference between him and Castaneda is that Castaneda feels he is ____________.

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