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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One, Stopping The World: Chapter 14, The Gait Of Power.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of student is Carlos Castaneda when he goes to meet with Don Juan?
(a) Anthropology
(b) Medical
(c) Sociology
(d) Journalism

2. Don Juan explains that _____________ is what makes a creature magical.
(a) Skill
(b) Camoflauge
(c) Openness
(d) Unpredictability

3. What did Don Juan save Castaneda from when he drags him away after charging at him?
(a) Wrong spot
(b) Dog
(c) Snake omen
(d) Wind spirit

4. Don Juan tells Castaneda to lie between two _______ and to cover himself with branches.
(a) Cacti
(b) Trees
(c) Rocks
(d) Bushes

5. Don Juan tells Castaneda that if they had kept more of the animals, the shrubs and the other animals would have united to __________.
(a) Stop them
(b) Kill them
(c) Hide them
(d) Warn them

Short Answer Questions

1. Castaneda does not agree with his friend because Don Juan demonstrates an ability to _________ him too accurately.

2. What must Don Juan and Castaneda get away from, according to Don Juan?

3. Did Castaneda shoot the revered bird when it was in his line of sight?

4. To Castaneda, Don Juan's ways would make his life more ____________.

5. Castaneda says that even if he appears to be ____________, he still wants to learn from Don Juan.

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