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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One, Stopping The World: Chapter 5, Assuming Responsibility.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Castaneda's problem, according to Don Juan, is that he compulsively _________ everything to everyone.
(a) Explains
(b) Questions
(c) Argues
(d) Repeats

2. What does Don Juan give to Castaneda when he begins to drink his water, saying it will quench his thirst?
(a) Gum
(b) Peyote
(c) Powder
(d) Leaves

3. What has Don Juan built around himself in an effort to prevent others from knowing what he is or what he does?
(a) Wall
(b) Fog
(c) Garden
(d) Screen

4. While Don Juan calls Castaneda's body stupid and young, he corrects the term stupid and replaces it with __________.
(a) Blocked
(b) Naive
(c) Dormant
(d) Quiet

5. How should one's fingers be curled as one walks, according to Don Juan as he speaks to Castaneda?
(a) Tightly
(b) Gently
(c) Loudly
(d) Quietly

Short Answer Questions

1. When Don Juan tells Castaneda to look into his eyes, what does Castaneda report that he feels when he does?

2. What does Castaneda want to bring with him when he sees Don Juan?

3. What does Don Juan do when he tells Castaneda that he is always angry and righteous?

4. What does Castaneda pull out that he wants to fill in with Don Juan while he is with him?

5. Don Juan orders Castaneda to go talk to some ____________ in a loud and clear voice.

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