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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One, Stopping The World: Chapter 15, Not Doing.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Don Juan says that Castaneda's flaw is that he does not take _____________ for what he does.
(a) Responsibility
(b) Money
(c) Pride
(d) Time

2. As Castaneda might become deathly ill, they must go to his place of ____________ to be cleansed and restored.
(a) Predilection
(b) Power
(c) Understanding
(d) Weakness

3. Don Juan uses a rock to show the idea of not-doing. "To look at it is ___________ but to see is __________."
(a) Not-doing; doing
(b) Doing; not-doing
(c) Something; nothing
(d) Nothing; something

4. What is the animal Castaneda interacted with when he was under the influence of the peyote?
(a) Cat
(b) Hawk
(c) Dog
(d) Snake

5. Don Juan is insistent that the only thing needed is _________ instead of talk.
(a) Explanation
(b) Pictures
(c) Medicine
(d) Action

Short Answer Questions

1. Don Juan tells Castaneda to ____________ if it will put him at ease after his experience with the plant medicine.

2. The fact that __________ is stalking Castaneda leaves no room for doubt or for remorse.

3. Don Juan tells Castaneda the first time he saw him, he ________ that Castaneda was lying.

4. When a man takes responsibility for his decisions, he can move ahead without ___________ or remorse.

5. What does Don Juan give to Castaneda to eat when he is sitting in the sunlight?

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