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William Dunham (mathematician)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Sampler of Euler's Number Theory.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the title of Cardano's book which contained the solution to the cubic?
(a) La Magnifica.
(b) Tarsisia.
(c) Ars Magna.
(d) Elements.

2. Which of the following could NOT be included as a step in Euclid's great theorem?
(a) Divide a infinite group of primes by the sum of their composites.
(b) If a new number is found to be composite, then it must have some prime as a divisor.
(c) After summation, the new number can be prime or composite.
(d) Take a finite group of primes and add them together, plus one.

3. What was Euclid's definition of a prime number?
(a) Numbers which are divisible by 2.
(b) Numbers which do not, and can not, contain a perfect number.
(c) Numbers which contain an infinite number of composite numbers.
(d) Numbers which can only be divided by themselves and 1.

4. How did Archimedes arrive at a number value for pi?
(a) By proving pi could not be equal to one.
(b) By constructing multi-sided polygons inside and outside a circle and determining their perimeters.
(c) By proving that pi could not be a negative number.
(d) By constructing successively smaller circles inside circles until he realized all of their ratios of diameter to area were equal.

5. Who was Eratosthanes?
(a) He was the first to study political sciences.
(b) He was a mathematician, and leading doctor.
(c) He was the chief librarian, and a mathematician.
(d) He was a teacher and philosopher.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his later life, what position did Isaac Newton hold?

2. In Elements, how many postulates must be accepted as given?

3. Dunham showed that Heron's proof could also be used as which of the following?

4. Which of the following was a major part of Gauss' work in mathematics?

5. What was similar about both Euler and Gauss as children?

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