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Osborne Russell
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did the men bring supplies from Fontanelle back to the fort in Part 2 (pp. 124-143)?

2. Which animal ate the rest of the mountain sheep that Russell had stored?

3. Who was with Russell as he traveled west towards the Willamette River?

4. Which river did the men hunt before going into winter quarters in Part 2 (pp. 144-163)?

5. When did Russell reach the town on the falls of the Willamette River?

Short Essay Questions

1. What facts about the wolverine did Russell provide in the Appendix?

2. How did Russell retrieve the skins that were stolen by the Crow Indians?

3. How did Russell heal from his leg injury after returning to Fort Hall in Part 2 (pp. 164-183)?

4. Why did Russell resent the robes that Fontanelle gave to him and the other men at Fort William?

5. How did Russell keep warm during the winter hunting of mountain sheep in Part 2 (pp. 144-163)?

6. What happened when Russell saw a grizzly bear in its den in Part 2 (pp. 184-196)?

7. What did Russell talk to the Sioux Indian about in Part 2 (pp. 124-143)?

8. What caused Russell and Elbridge to temporarily lose their vision in Part 2 (pp. 164-183)?

9. Which challenges did Russell and White face as they made their way back to Fort Hall after being wounded by Indians?

10. How was Russell left alone at the end of Part 2 (pp. 164-183)?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Elbridge was a good friend of Russell's, and the two trappers were known for their camaraderie.

1) Describe Elbridge and the friendship he had with Russell.

2) Explain two examples of adventures that Russell had with Elbridge.

3) Analyze the various people that Russell associated with during the book in comparison to his friendship with Elbridge.

Essay Topic 2

Following his career as a trapper, Russell became actively involved with the war between United States citizens and the Indians that was taking place during that time period.

1) Describe the main concerns that Russell had about the Indians and the settlers of the Oregon Territory.

2) Explain two events that Russell described to represent the problem in the Oregon Territory.

3) Analyze the frustration that Russell had with the government's lack of assistance for the settlers and the steps that he took to contribute to a resolution process.

Essay Topic 3

A recurring situation for Russell was the alliance with friendly Indians against hostile tribes.

1) Describe which Indian tribes were against the hostile Indians.

2) Explain the reasons that the Indians might have had for joining forces with the trappers.

3) Analyze two battles from the book where the trappers were assisted by Indians in order to fight hostile tribes.

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