Joni Short Essay - Answer Key

Joni Eareckson Tada
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1. What were the sensations Joni felt after hitting her head?

Joni felt a buzzing sensation and felt her body spiraling out of control. She could not move her hands or feet.

2. How did Kathy rescue Joni from the water?

Kathy grabbed Joni under her shoulders and pulled her out. She and another swimmer pulled Joni onto a raft and brought her to shore.

3. What were Joni's first days in the hospital like?

Joni drifted in and out of consciousness. The drugs she was on caused her to have hallucinations and strange dreams.

4. How did Joni describe her father?

Joni's father was an artist and incurable romantic. He was an entrepreneur who made his own way in the world and tried many different careers throughout his life. Johnny was very devoted to his family.

5. What type of person was Joni's mother?

Margaret, Joni's mom, was a strong loving force in her family. She was very devoted to her husband and children.

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