Joni Fun Activities

Joni Eareckson Tada
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Write a Report

Learn about quadriplegia, and prepare a written or oral report about it.

Reading Activity

Read another autobiography of someone who is paralyzed and compare their attitude to Joni's.

Writing Activity

Write about what you think you would do if you were paralyzed.

Comparison Activity

Compare and contrast the types of treatment used for quadriplegics in 1967 when Joni's accident occurred, and in present day.

Cast of Characters

Imagine that you are casting characters for a movie version of the book. Make a list of actors and actresses you would use and indicate which characters they would play.

Interview Activity

Write ten questions that you would use if you could interview Joni.

Geography Activity

On a map locate all the places that were mentioned in the book.

Timeline Activity

Create a timeline showing the events as they happened in the book.

Book Review

Write a review of...

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