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Short Answer Questions

1. Is Jonathan disappointed that he didn't reach his goal?

2. What does Jonathan feel he was born to do?

3. Sullivan declares Jonathan has less fear of _____ than any gull in 10,000 years.

4. What does the answer to #112 want to become in order to make the Flock sorry for saying the things they have?

5. Jonathan processes and learns new information like a feathered __________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jonathan remember to use his wings for, only on occasion, however?

2. What is Chiang's response to Jonathan's question about whether this place is heaven or not?

3. What does Jonathan want to do once his Guru has vanished and left his side?

4. What does Jonathan notice about the other gulls, but he falls asleep before he can try out this technique?

5. What does Jonathan's teacher say when Johnathan asks why there are so few gulls in their location?

6. Where does Jonathan believe he is in this section of the book?

7. What is the best speed Jonathan can reach in this new and delightful setting in the story?

8. Who is Jonathan's initial instructor when he arrives in this strange land?

9. How many lives do most gulls need in order to come to the basic realization that there is more to life?

10. What is the saying Jonathan remembers about Heaven in relation to fatigue?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The meaning of life seems to be the overall theme of this book, with the introduction of the 'normal" life for the Gulls versus the life Jonathan strives to have.

Part 1: What is the meaning of life as defined by the Gulls?

Part 2: What is the meaning of life as defined by Jonathan?

Part 3: Does the idea of the meaning of life change throughout the story? How? If not, why not?

Essay Topic 2

In the end, Fletcher is the teacher of the Gulls, but they seem to be interested in other things besides what he wants to teach. And thus the story continues as it began.

Part 1: What does Fletcher have to master first before he can absorb the lofty philosophy of Jonathan?

Part 2: What do the students want from Fletcher now that he is the teacher?

Part 3: Do you think Fletcher is ready to be a teacher? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

The idea of Jonathan being a freethinker seems to be both good and bad. At times, it seems Jonathan might be making more of a mess of his life than he needs to.

Part 1: In what ways does Jonathan's freethinking benefit him in this story?

Part 2: In what ways does Jonathan's freethinking hurt him in this story?

Part 3: If you were in Jonathan's shoes, what sort of life would you choose - a freethinker or a follower? What is the reasoning behind your answer?

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