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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jonathan think he is at the beginning of this part of the book?

2. What memories are fading for Jonathan as he spends more time in this new land?

3. What does the Elder Gull tell Jonathan to keep working on right before the Elder Gull vanishes?

4. Jonathan is sure he will see Sullivan again in the ______ and ________.

5. What does Fletcher do when he hears the strange voice in his head?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Jonathan believe he is in this section of the book?

2. When will Jonathan touch heaven, according to Chiang's answers?

3. What does Jonathan's teacher say when Johnathan asks why there are so few gulls in their location?

4. What does Jonathan remember to use his wings for, only on occasion, however?

5. What does Jonathan notice about the other gulls, but he falls asleep before he can try out this technique?

6. What does Chiang tell Jonathan to forget about as he attempts to learn how to transport himself?

7. Describe what happens when Chiang passes to the other world, or transfigures, as many might call it.

8. What does Jonathan believe Heaven should do in terms of limits?

9. When does Jonathan make the first sound since leaving Earth?

10. What does Sullivan declare about Jonathan in relation to his approach to learning?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jonathan becomes a teacher of those Gulls in the Flock who genuinely want to learn more, even if they get in trouble with the rest of the Flock and its authority powers.

Part 1: Describe and name the first student of Jonathan, its progress and eventual outcome.

Part 2: Name one other student of Jonathan and describe its education.

Part 3: Do you think Jonathan is a good teacher? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

It seems that in the definition of reincarnation, Gulls do not come back as anything other than Gulls. This seems strange as traditional thoughts on reincarnation say that animals come back as other animals and even humans.

Part 1: Why don't Gulls come back as anything besides Gulls?

Part 2: What does Chiang say will help to break this cycle of coming back as the same species again and again?

Part 3: Why might Gulls be the only species who come back as the same thing? What reasons can you provide?

Essay Topic 3

Jonathan yearns to teach the others what he has learned from Sullivan and Chiang. He wants to spread the word about his discoveries and how other Gulls can learn to live their lives.

Part 1: Why does Jonathan believe is a born teacher?

Part 2: What qualities does Jonathan have that will make him a good teacher to those other Gulls?

Part 3: Why can't Jonathan be content teaching the Gulls in heaven where he resides?

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