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Short Answer Questions

1. Jonathan wishes to free the other gulls from ______ years of scrabbling for fish heads.

2. What does Jonathan do as a result of hearing the voice in his head?

3. Jonathan realizes gulls can lift themselves out of _________.

4. What does Jonathan drop on purpose when he realizes he just wants to fly and it was pointless for him to try to be like other birds?

5. __________ is power, joy, and pure beauty.

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Jonathan every time he tries to turn a full power dive into a vertical dive?

2. What happens when Jonathan fails and he begins to turn his thoughts to just sinking to the bottom of the sea?

3. As Jonathan begins his pull out during his record-setting speed, what happens?

4. What does the strange voice in Jonathan's head tell him about his flying, at first?

5. What is the gull speed record that Jonathan sets during his efforts to improve his flying?

6. What does Sullivan declare about Jonathan in relation to his approach to learning?

7. Which gull objects to the answer to #46 and what is his reasoning?

8. What does Jonathan remember to use his wings for, only on occasion, however?

9. What do Jonathan's parents think about his behavior when the other seagulls are eating?

10. What does Jonathan's teacher say when Johnathan asks why there are so few gulls in their location?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jonathan yearns to teach the others what he has learned from Sullivan and Chiang. He wants to spread the word about his discoveries and how other Gulls can learn to live their lives.

Part 1: Why does Jonathan believe is a born teacher?

Part 2: What qualities does Jonathan have that will make him a good teacher to those other Gulls?

Part 3: Why can't Jonathan be content teaching the Gulls in heaven where he resides?

Essay Topic 2

The idea of the master's place in a student's life is also questioned in the last part of the book. In the relationship of Fletcher and Jonathan, the way these two Gulls interact impacts them both greatly.

Part 1: What does Fletcher decide to do in order to help spread the word about the lessons he's learned?

Part 2: Why does Jonathan remain at the side of Fletcher? Was this a good idea? Why or why not?

Part 3: Why does Jonathan have to help Fletcher using one of Chiang's techniques? Was this a good idea? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

The Council for the Flock seems to want to discredit Jonathan's work in order to render him powerless over the rest of the Flock who has not converted. This seems to be quite realistic in relation to the way some governments control their people's perceptions as well.

Part 1: Why does the Council want to discredit Jonathan?

Part 2: What would the benefits of his being discredited be for the Flock? For the Council?

Part 3: What does the Council do in order to attempt to discredit Jonathan?

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