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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the gull speed record that Jonathan sets as he makes that adjustment from #13?

2. How does Jonathan feel after breaking his promise to become like other gulls?

3. The Elders hope Jonathan will live long enough to realize life is _________ and unknowable.

4. "Seagulls, as you know, never falter, never _____."

5. What is Jonathan beginning during his fast dive when he loses control?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Jonathan's reasoning for wanting to teach the others?

2. What does Jonathan do that no other seagull on Earth has done, making him the first?

3. What happens to Jonathan every time he tries to turn a full power dive into a vertical dive?

4. What does Jonathan realize is the secret to his success in flying close to the water?

5. What does Jonathan's mother ask him to do when she sees him flying all by himself all the time?

6. At what height does Jonathan attempt to dive from the morning after his accident and realization?

7. What does Jonathan think the solution might be to his problem in #6?

8. What is the gull speed record that Jonathan sets during his efforts to improve his flying?

9. What is the name of the morning's group of seagulls that are looking for food?

10. Who is the seagull that practices flying slowly, far apart from the others as they are searching for food and eating?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Chiang vanishes, it seems to be a surprise to the reader and to the Gulls in the story. This apparent transfiguration seems to also be symbolic of Chiang's place in his learning.

Part 1: Describe the scene in which Chiang vanishes from view.

Part 2: What is thought to have happened that caused Chiang to vanish?

Part 3: Do you think this vanishing was meant to be taken literally or metaphorically? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Jonathan seems to be a Gull with otherworldly ambitions, it seems. He is always striving for something more, while also asking questions of all around him.

Part 1: Why does Jonathan want more from his life?

Part 2: What does Jonathan want from his life and its experiences?

Part 3: Why doesn't Jonathan just settle for what other Gulls want from their lives? What makes him different?

Essay Topic 3

The meaning of life seems to be the overall theme of this book, with the introduction of the 'normal" life for the Gulls versus the life Jonathan strives to have.

Part 1: What is the meaning of life as defined by the Gulls?

Part 2: What is the meaning of life as defined by Jonathan?

Part 3: Does the idea of the meaning of life change throughout the story? How? If not, why not?

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