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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jonathan now has new wings of polished _________.
(a) Gold
(b) Platinum
(c) Silver
(d) Light

2. What is the Elder Gull said to soon be moving beyond?
(a) This world
(b) The sound barrier
(c) The simple techniques
(d) The speed of light

3. Those who put aside travel for perfection go anywhere ______.
(a) Miserably
(b) Instantly
(c) Slowly
(d) Immediately

4. Jonathan is sure he will see Sullivan again in the ______ and ________.
(a) Here, Now
(b) Clouds, Sands
(c) Heaven, Earth
(d) Skies, Earth

5. What is the actual speed that Jonathan reaches when he is trying to reach his new goal?
(a) 200mph
(b) 243mph
(c) 255mph
(d) 273mph

Short Answer Questions

1. The Elder Gull tells Jonathan that the key is knowing that one has already _________ when it comes to the way he moves from place to place.

2. What does Jonathan do for the first time since leaving Earth when he finally transports himself?

3. What does Jonathan want Fletcher to begin with as he takes him as a student?

4. What does the Elder Gull do to prove the answer to #87 is correct?

5. What fills Jonathan's eyes when he tells the Elder Gull he wants to conquer another unknown?

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