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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jonathan realizes gulls can lift themselves out of _________.
(a) The beach's monotony
(b) Poor flying
(c) Routine
(d) Ignorance

2. What does Jonathan do as a result of hearing the voice in his head?
(a) He tries to draw a map for himself
(b) He sees that being a part of the Flock is the best idea
(c) He folds most of his wings
(d) He gives up

3. Jonathan believes he has discovered the _______ for their lives.
(a) Best physical activity
(b) Secret of meaning
(c) Way to the truth
(d) Higher purpose

4. The voice tells Jonathan he does not have ________ for brains.
(a) Charts
(b) Books
(c) Patience
(d) Maps

5. What does Jonathan's mother call him?
(a) Silly Boy
(b) Jon
(c) Johnny
(d) Bad Gull

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Jonathan banished to as a result of his actions?

2. When does Jonathan attempt his dives again?

3. What are the the gulls coming to Jonathan to do?

4. How many gulls join Jonathan in his exile?

5. What is the answer to the question Jonathan asks of the answer to #57 as to their identity?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the gull speed record that Jonathan sets during his efforts to improve his flying?

2. How many seagulls are in the morning Flock of seagulls that are simply trying to find food to eat?

3. What does Jonathan realize is the secret to his success in flying close to the water?

4. Who is the seagull that practices flying slowly, far apart from the others as they are searching for food and eating?

5. What does Jonathan's mother ask him to do when she sees him flying all by himself all the time?

6. What does Jonathan discover is the key to turning when he is flying at great speeds?

7. What does Jonathan do that no other seagull on Earth has done, making him the first?

8. At what height does Jonathan attempt to dive from the morning after his accident and realization?

9. What does Jonathan think the solution might be to his problem in #6?

10. What are the names of the five moves Jonathan learns to do when he is practicing his flying all the time?

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