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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the terminal velocity Jonathan reaches when he is practicing?
(a) 250mph
(b) 200mph
(c) 100mph
(d) 214mph

2. How far up in the sky is Jonathan at first when he is practicing his flying?
(a) 2000 feet
(b) 1000 feet
(c) 25 feet
(d) 100 feet

3. What does Jonathan feel is just even more of a burden to bear?
(a) His lessons
(b) His failure
(c) His disappointment
(d) His broken wing

4. "Once one touches excellence in learning, ___________ are unnecessary."
(a) Others
(b) Tricks
(c) Promises
(d) Techniques

5. Jonathan tries to defend his actions, saying he is the most ________ of gulls.
(a) Useful
(b) Worthy
(c) Responsible
(d) Knowledgeable

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jonathan limited by, according to the strange voice he hears in his head?

2. What does Jonathan do as a result of hearing the voice in his head?

3. Where is Jonathan banished to as a result of his actions?

4. What does Jonathan do as he gives one last look around and flies into a perfect dark sky?

5. Jonathan flies the first ________ of any seagull on Earth.

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the names of the five moves Jonathan learns to do when he is practicing his flying all the time?

2. When does Jonathan make the first sound since leaving Earth?

3. What is the best speed Jonathan can reach in this new and delightful setting in the story?

4. What does Jonathan do that no other seagull on Earth has done, making him the first?

5. What causes Fletcher to crash into a cliff at 200mph?

6. What does Jonathan realize is the secret to his success in flying close to the water?

7. What does Jonathan announce to his students after a month of teaching and training?

8. How does Chiang demonstrate touching heaven, which dazzles Jonathan and makes him want to learn more from this guru?

9. What does Fletcher choose to do when Jonathan gives him the choice of a higher level or staying on Earth?

10. What law does Jonathan say is the only valid law?

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