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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many more lives do these other gulls need in order to learn about perfection?
(a) 10
(b) 100
(c) 50
(d) 25

2. Jonathan just wants to share the _______ with a willing gull.
(a) Tricks
(b) Love
(c) Truth
(d) Lessons

3. One must stop seeing oneself as trapped in a _________, according to the Elder Gull.
(a) Pattern
(b) Body
(c) Life
(d) Decision

4. How does Jonathan suddenly feel as he is left by himself?
(a) Tired
(b) Lonely
(c) Angry
(d) Nostalgic

5. Jonathan is sure he will see Sullivan again in the ______ and ________.
(a) Skies, Earth
(b) Clouds, Sands
(c) Heaven, Earth
(d) Here, Now

6. At first, Jonathan can not transport himself more than a ________ width at a time.
(a) Feather's
(b) Stone's
(c) Step's
(d) Finger's

7. What does Jonathan want Fletcher to begin with as he takes him as a student?
(a) Speed
(b) Aerobatics
(c) Level flight
(d) Power

8. Jonathan now has new wings of polished _________.
(a) Silver
(b) Platinum
(c) Light
(d) Gold

9. What is the only thing the Elder Gull still thinks Jonathan needs to work on?
(a) Power
(b) Control
(c) Faith
(d) Precision

10. What do these other gulls have an elegant technique for doing as they fly?
(a) Turning
(b) Landing
(c) Flapping
(d) Diving

11. What is the goal Jonathan sets for himself in relation to speed and performance?
(a) He wants to attain three times as much
(b) He wants to attain twice as much
(c) He wants to break his last goal
(d) He wants to break the sound barrier

12. What do these new birds practice every day, much to the delight of Johnathan?
(a) Aeronautics
(b) Diving to the sea
(c) Eating
(d) Becoming like falcons

13. Jonathan will begin to touch heaven when he touches perfect _________ beyond any limit
(a) Flying
(b) Speed
(c) Technique
(d) Diving

14. When the other gulls look at Jonathan in awe, what does he proclaim himself to be, needing to learn from them instead?
(a) Almighty
(b) Prophet
(c) Student
(d) Newcomer

15. Only on occasion does Jonathan remember using wings in the fight for _________.
(a) Power
(b) Food
(c) Survival
(d) Acceptance

Short Answer Questions

1. Jonathan's voice tells Fletcher he must _____ them in order they may understand.

2. What does Jonathan feel even though none of the gulls he sees greet him?

3. Where does Jonathan think he is at the beginning of this part of the book?

4. Who is skeptical of Jonathan's ideas and plans for his future?

5. One must know that one has _______ everywhere at once across space and time, according to the Elder Gull.

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