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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sullivan declares Jonathan has less fear of _____ than any gull in 10,000 years.
(a) Flying
(b) Moving
(c) Trying
(d) Learning

2. How many more lives do these other gulls need in order to learn about perfection?
(a) 25
(b) 10
(c) 50
(d) 100

3. Where does Jonathan think he is at the beginning of this part of the book?
(a) Heaven
(b) The beach
(c) Hell
(d) His parents' house

4. When the other gulls look at Jonathan in awe, what does he proclaim himself to be, needing to learn from them instead?
(a) Almighty
(b) Student
(c) Prophet
(d) Newcomer

5. Who is the seagull that feels he has been too harshly and unjustly treated by the Flock?
(a) Jonathan Livingston
(b) Sullivan
(c) Marshall Weathers
(d) Fletcher Lynd

6. What is the goal Jonathan sets for himself in relation to speed and performance?
(a) He wants to break his last goal
(b) He wants to attain three times as much
(c) He wants to attain twice as much
(d) He wants to break the sound barrier

7. What does Fletcher do when he hears the strange voice in his head?
(a) Nothing
(b) Stumbles midair
(c) Flies faster
(d) Crashes into the rocks

8. What is the actual speed that Jonathan reaches when he is trying to reach his new goal?
(a) 255mph
(b) 273mph
(c) 243mph
(d) 200mph

9. There is a saying Jonathan remembers - Gulls never ________ in heaven.
(a) Fly
(b) Tire
(c) Hunger
(d) Speak

10. What does the Elder Gull do to prove the answer to #87 is correct?
(a) Vanishes and reappears
(b) Nothing
(c) Smiles
(d) Dies

11. The Elder Gull says, "Flight only requires only understanding how to _____."
(a) Soar
(b) Relax
(c) Turn
(d) Fly

12. What does Jonathan feel he was born to do?
(a) Become an expert flyer
(b) Love others
(c) Instruct other gulls
(d) Travel the world

13. What is the Elder Gull said to soon be moving beyond?
(a) This world
(b) The sound barrier
(c) The speed of light
(d) The simple techniques

14. What does Jonathan do for the first time since leaving Earth when he finally transports himself?
(a) Laugh
(b) Screech
(c) Smile
(d) Fall

15. Where does Jonathan want to go, after his Elder has vanished and he continues his lessons in love?
(a) Nowhere. He's content.
(b) With the Elders
(c) Heaven
(d) Earth

Short Answer Questions

1. Jonathan now has new wings of polished _________.

2. Only on occasion does Jonathan remember using wings in the fight for _________.

3. What does the answer to #112 want to become in order to make the Flock sorry for saying the things they have?

4. If you learn nothing, Jonathan finds out, the next world is ________.

5. What will traveling in the past and in the future help Jonathan to know the meaning of? Kindness and __________.

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