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Short Answer Questions

1. Which weapon most interests Rab?

2. Which group will not be empowered by the colonists freedom?

3. Where do Mr. and Mrs. Lorne hide out?

4. Who is in command of the farmer-soldiers?

5. Who made smocks for Johnny?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why would Pumpkin save Johnny?

2. Why would the British want to commandeer horses belonging to somebody else?

3. Why did the Observers believe that war was inevitable?

4. Why did the colonists choose to hang lanterns in the North Church tower?

5. Why does Mrs. Lapham marry Mr. Tweedie?

6. Why did the Observers continue to meet even though it was dangerous?

7. How might the soldiers have felt marching toward Lexington?

8. How did Johnny's relationship with Rab affect Johnny's part in the revolution?

9. Why is Johnny upset when Rab says he is leaving Boston?

10. Why is it important to spread the news of the Battle of Lexington before the British find out?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Pumpkin is representative of many young men and boys who wanted to desert from the British Army to fight for America's freedom.

1) Did Pumpkin realize the danger he was getting himself into by helping Johnny?

2) How did Pumpkin's relationship with Johnny change his outlook? How did it change Johnny's?

3) How might Johnny have felt when he saw Pumpkin being executed?

Essay Topic 2

Isannah is quite different from the other Lapham daughters. Explain why you think the girl is so shallow and vain. Does Isannah's rank in the family contribute to her personality? How does Mrs. Lapham relate to Isannah compared to her relationships with the other girls?

Essay Topic 3

The Boston Observer and its print shop play a huge role in the story. Describe how the scenario would have changed if the newspaper did not exist.

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