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Short Answer Questions

1. Which group will not be empowered by the colonists freedom?

2. Who is in command of the farmer-soldiers?

3. What do the children chant after the war begins?

4. Who is determined to warn the Minute Men?

5. What objects were used to warn the colonists of the oncoming British?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why isn't Johnny punished for treason for helping the British?

2. What options did the colonists have in developing a spy system?

3. Why did the colonists choose to hang lanterns in the North Church tower?

4. Why were the soldiers running so late in leaving Boston?

5. Why are the British soldiers angry when they find that the colonist leaders are gone?

6. Why is the Lyte Bible important to Johnny?

7. Why did the British leave Lexington after the confrontation on the North Bridge?

8. Why is Johnny upset when Rab says he is leaving Boston?

9. Why is it important to spread the news of the Battle of Lexington before the British find out?

10. Explain how Johnny felt when he couldn't find anyone at the Silsbee farm.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Early on, Dove would have been receptive to becoming Johnny's friend. Even though the two boys suffered through animosity and distrust, explain how they could become friends and what benefits it could bring to each.

Essay Topic 2

Johnny's youth impacted many of his actions. If Johnny had been older do you think he would have agreed to be a double agent? Would he have been so eager to help the Observers? Would he have fled Boston like some other citizens?

Essay Topic 3

The Sons of Liberty took great risks against all odds to separate themselves from Britain.

1) Do you think you would have made the same choice or would you have gone along with the crowd?

2) Which of the Sons of Liberty were you able to identify with most?

3) Would you have been willing to fight or hide the rebels?

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