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Short Answer Questions

1. What should have been repealed before anything was imported from England?

2. How many members of the Observers are there?

3. How do Johnny and the Lapham girls refer to Tweedie?

4. Who is buried in the grave on which Johnny falls asleep?

5. To whom is Johnny related?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Johnny refuse to work at unskilled jobs?

2. Why is setting type for the newspaper so difficult?

3. What changes Johnny's perception of the laid-back attitude of Rab?

4. Why was Cilla important to Johnny's case?

5. Why does Johnny criticize Dove's work?

6. Why did Mr. Lyte have witnesses to say that Johnny returned the cup?

7. Describe Jonathon Lyte's attitude upon meeting Johnny.

8. What allows Johnny to overcome his fear of Goblin?

9. If John Hancock was impressed with Johnny, why wasn't Johnny hired?

10. Why did Mr. Lyte have Johnny arrested?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Sons of Liberty took great risks against all odds to separate themselves from Britain.

1) Do you think you would have made the same choice or would you have gone along with the crowd?

2) Which of the Sons of Liberty were you able to identify with most?

3) Would you have been willing to fight or hide the rebels?

Essay Topic 2

Johnny's youth impacted many of his actions. If Johnny had been older do you think he would have agreed to be a double agent? Would he have been so eager to help the Observers? Would he have fled Boston like some other citizens?

Essay Topic 3

Explain how Mrs. Lapham may have felt when Isannah chose to go with Lavinia Lyte.

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