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Jhonen Vasquez
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the male captive who is trying to escape in Part 5?
(a) He is killed by the monster.
(b) He escapes, and changes his ways.
(c) He is killed by Johnny.
(d) He escapes, and ends up in a psychiatric hospital.

2. Why does Johnny think the bug is mocking him, in the second strip of Part 4?
(a) It is devoid of emotion, as he would like to be.
(b) It whispers to him at night.
(c) It tries to foil his plans for his victims.
(d) He keeps killing it, and it keeps coming back.

3. What is the Devil's response when Johnny complains about God not answering his questions?
(a) God is just temperamental, and Johnny caught him on a bad day.
(b) God simply didn't want to talk to Johnny, and was making excuses.
(c) God wouldn't answer Johnny because he belonged in Hell.
(d) Of course God didn't answer, because to question God is blasphemy.

4. Why was Johnny a poor choice, according to the Devil, for his prescribed role on Earth?
(a) He was too easily distracted from his task.
(b) He didn't have the experience to fulfill his role efficiently.
(c) He didn't enjoy the work he was supposed to be doing.
(d) He was deranged to begin with.

5. Where does Anne go once per week?
(a) A belly-dancing class.
(b) A cemetery.
(c) A nightclub.
(d) Night school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Johnny want to keep, when he returns from Hell?

2. What does Johnny ask Squee for, in Part 4?

3. The old woman tells Johnny that everyone in Hell acts a certain way for what reason?

4. Where is Johnny, at the beginning of Part 6?

5. What does the gatekeeper read?

Short Essay Questions

1. What comes through the floor at the beginning of Part 5?

2. What is Johnny discussing, and with whom, at the beginning of Part 4?

3. What does Johnny's female captive say, in Part 4, that he is offended by?

4. What problems does Johnny encounter in Hell?

5. What is everyone in Heaven doing, and why?

6. What is Johnny's role in the world, according to the Devil?

7. What happens to the young woman and the newly-introduced captive in the first strip of Part 5?

8. What does Johnny observe about the state of Heaven, and what is the reason for it?

9. What powers do the people in Heaven have, and how does Johnny use his?

10. What does Johnny think happened, to make him who he is now?

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