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Jhonen Vasquez
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Johnny's response when the captive in Part 2 asks Johnny to loosen his restraints?
(a) Johnny can't loosen the restraints because then the captive might try to flee.
(b) Johnny can't loosen the restraints because then the process won't be any fun.
(c) The captive should enjoy the pain, because it means he's still alive.
(d) The pain will teach him a lesson that he will remember when Johnny lets him go.

2. What happens to Squee in the second strip of Part 3?
(a) He gets beat up at school.
(b) He loses his teddy bear.
(c) He almost gets hit by a car.
(d) He loses his mother at the mall.

3. How does Johnny kill the convenience store clerk?
(a) With a popsicle stick.
(b) With the gun the clerk kept under the counter.
(c) With a letter opener.
(d) With a ball-point pen.

4. Why does Johnny need to kill his captive in Part 2, despite the rapport they have built?
(a) He can't run the risk of letting the captive go to the police.
(b) He doesn't want to ruin his reputation.
(c) He needs more blood for the wall.
(d) He is afraid of developing a relationship with the captive.

5. What happens to Happy Noodle Boy, in Part 2, after he is abducted by aliens?
(a) They drop him back to Earth.
(b) He goes back to their planet with them.
(c) They perform experiments on him.
(d) He learns how to fly the ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of these is NOT a reason Johnny cites for killing someone in the cafe?

2. What is ironic about Johnny's house number?

3. Johnny is convinced, at the beginning of Part 3, that he spends too much time focusing on what?

4. What does Squee do when he sees the survey taker?

5. What does the survey taker say about Johnny's answers to his questions?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which characters influence Johnny, regarding whether or not he should commit suicide, in Part 1?

2. Why does Johnny want to harm the first captive in Part 2?

3. How does Johnny feel about himself?

4. What is the last thing Johnny writes in his "die-ary", in Part 2?

5. Why isn't the first captive in Part 2 afraid of dying, and how does Johnny respond to his lack of fear?

6. What does Johnny do to help Squee, in Part 3?

7. Why isn't Johnny's victim amused by the story Johnny tells in Part 3?

8. What comments does Johnny make, in Part 2, regarding his victims' last moments?

9. How does Johnny feel about his second captive, the young woman, in Part 2?

10. Who is the first character to be introduced in the book, and how is he introduced?

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