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Jhonen Vasquez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Johnny want to keep, when he returns from Hell?
(a) His new sense of control over his life.
(b) The coat he got there.
(c) His memories of conversations with God and the Devil.
(d) His destructive mental capabilities.

2. How does Johnny destroy the tranquility of Heaven?
(a) By asking a lot of annoying questions.
(b) By making too much noise.
(c) By exploding peoples' heads.
(d) By angering God.

3. Why does Johnny think the bug is mocking him, in the second strip of Part 4?
(a) It whispers to him at night.
(b) It is devoid of emotion, as he would like to be.
(c) It tries to foil his plans for his victims.
(d) He keeps killing it, and it keeps coming back.

4. What does Johnny realize about Nail Bunny, in Part 4?
(a) That he was actually a pet Johnny once had.
(b) That he has separated himself from Johnny and taken on a personality of his own.
(c) That he is no longer an inanimate object.
(d) That he is simply a manifestation of one of Johnny's internal voices.

5. Where is Johnny, at the beginning of Part 6?
(a) Hell.
(b) A coffee shop.
(c) Heaven.
(d) His house.

6. What is the first question Johnny asks God?
(a) When God will intervene and stop mankind's degeneration.
(b) Why there is so much suffering in the world.
(c) Why his life has become such a disaster.
(d) Why God created him.

7. What does the monster that lived behind Johnny's wall look like?
(a) A carnivorous plant.
(b) A dragon.
(c) An amorphous blob.
(d) A mass of tentacles.

8. What does Anne practice before she goes out?
(a) Making polite conversation with others.
(b) The moves she learned the week before.
(c) Her mysterious look.
(d) An air of aloofness and apathy.

9. What does the young woman regret as she is fleeing Johnny's house?
(a) She wasn't able to kill Johnny.
(b) She still doesn't understand why she was kidnapped.
(c) She wasn't able to save her friend.
(d) She is leaving a house where rude, ignorant people are shackled, to escape to a world where they roam free.

10. What does Johnny suggest to his young female captive, in Part 4?
(a) Her friend is cruel, even to her, and she enjoys his suffering.
(b) She is a masochist who enjoys the things he does to her.
(c) She has no sense of self-worth, so she doesn't care if she dies.
(d) If she were smart enough, she could find a way to escape.

11. What does Nail Bunny deduce from the fact that Johnny tried to kill Devi?
(a) Johnny must be afraid of committing to another person.
(b) Johnny must not be capable of having interpersonal relationships.
(c) Johnny must prefer his current situation to happiness.
(d) Johnny must be even more insane than either of them originally thought.

12. What does Johnny have difficulty remembering, in Part 4?
(a) Why he tried to kill Devi.
(b) When he and Nail Bunny met.
(c) What drew him to the house in which he currently lives.
(d) His reasons for doing the things he's done.

13. According to Johnny, why couldn't he commit the crime of which the young woman accuses him?
(a) He spent his whole life trying not to touch anyone, or be touched by anyone.
(b) He is a vegetarian.
(c) He has plenty of money, and no need for more.
(d) He rarely leaves home, so he has no opportunity to meet rich widows.

14. What happens to the little boy in the Happy Noodle Boy strip, in Part 5?
(a) He is hit by a car.
(b) He eats his dog, and becomes evil.
(c) He is killed by Happy Noodle Boy.
(d) He injures himself playing with his father's gun.

15. How does Johnny write his final comments, at the end of Part 5?
(a) With a nail, on the floor.
(b) With his own blood.
(c) With a marker, on the wall.
(d) With someone else's blood.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did other kids make fun of Johnny when he was little?

2. What do the individuals in Heaven choose not to utilize?

3. Who is Elize?

4. Why does Anne make her weekly outing?

5. What did Johnny devote himself to, before the killings began?

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