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Jhonen Vasquez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Anne Gwish?
(a) Someone Johnny meets in Heaven.
(b) Johnny's new love interest.
(c) Devi's best friend.
(d) Johnny's temporary replacement.

2. Why are Heaven's inhabitants content?
(a) They finally have whatever they wanted throughout their lives.
(b) They have no physiological needs.
(c) They are reunited with everyone in their family.
(d) They lived a life of contentment, without desire.

3. Who is Elize?
(a) Johnny's tour guide in Heaven.
(b) God's secretary.
(c) One of the gatekeepers.
(d) One of Johnny's former victims.

4. According to the gatekeeper, what is the reason for the condition of the place Johnny goes to in Part 6?
(a) There is no time for the residents to clean.
(b) The gatekeeper refuses to tell Johnny why the place looks the way it does.
(c) The residents have better things to do than worry about appearances.
(d) The residents have nothing better to do, so they clean all day.

5. What is the name of the young man from the movie theater?
(a) James.
(b) Dillon.
(c) Kirk.
(d) Kevin.

6. What does Johnny want to keep, when he returns from Hell?
(a) His destructive mental capabilities.
(b) His new sense of control over his life.
(c) His memories of conversations with God and the Devil.
(d) The coat he got there.

7. What is the first question Johnny asks God?
(a) Why there is so much suffering in the world.
(b) Why his life has become such a disaster.
(c) When God will intervene and stop mankind's degeneration.
(d) Why God created him.

8. What does the gatekeeper read?
(a) A memo concerning why Johnny was sent there.
(b) Johnny's diary.
(c) A list of the acts Johnny committed during his life.
(d) Johnny's "Happy Noodle Boy" comics.

9. What does the monster that lived behind Johnny's wall look like?
(a) A dragon.
(b) A mass of tentacles.
(c) An amorphous blob.
(d) A carnivorous plant.

10. How does Johnny write his final comments, at the end of Part 5?
(a) With his own blood.
(b) With a marker, on the wall.
(c) With a nail, on the floor.
(d) With someone else's blood.

11. The old woman tells Johnny that everyone in Hell acts a certain way for what reason?
(a) People can act however they want in Hell, and this is what they chose.
(b) The Devil forces people into certain roles, to keep up appearances.
(c) They think there is a giant eyeball in the sky that is always watching them.
(d) It is the way they acted when they were alive.

12. Who is Happy Noodle Boy sitting on, at the end of his strip in Part 4?
(a) A dentist.
(b) A teacher.
(c) A police officer.
(d) A doctor.

13. What film does Johnny quote, in Part 4?
(a) "Lord of the Flies."
(b) "The Twilight Zone."
(c) "Lord of the Rings."
(d) "The Fly."

14. What does Johnny confess at the end of the first strip of Part 4?
(a) He is not happy.
(b) He doesn't know who he is anymore.
(c) He needs help to fight the Dough Boys.
(d) He wants to seek professional help.

15. Why is the female captive frightened by the new character who is introduced in Part 5?
(a) He comes through the floor, and she doesn't know who or what he is.
(b) He is clearly insane, and she is afraid of what he will do.
(c) He appears to be working with Johnny.
(d) He is disfigured and bloody.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the gatekeeper's reaction to what he reads?

2. What does Johnny write, at the end of Part 5?

3. What happens to the young man from the movie theater?

4. What do the individuals in Heaven choose not to utilize?

5. How does the female captive escape, in Part 5?

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