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Jhonen Vasquez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Johnny realize about the Dough Boys in Part 4?
(a) They have become self-aware, and are getting stronger.
(b) They are the ones who convince him to do terrible things.
(c) They are not physically there; they are only figments of his imagination.
(d) They are really just facets of his own personality.

2. What does the Devil ask Johnny to call him?
(a) Fred.
(b) Senor Satan.
(c) Diabolos.
(d) Beelzebub.

3. What do the individuals in Heaven choose not to utilize?
(a) Their powers of precognition.
(b) The destructive powers of their minds.
(c) Their ability to return to Earth whenever they wish.
(d) Their ability to communicate with the living.

4. What does the gatekeeper read?
(a) A list of the acts Johnny committed during his life.
(b) Johnny's diary.
(c) Johnny's "Happy Noodle Boy" comics.
(d) A memo concerning why Johnny was sent there.

5. What effect do humans have on the planet, according to the Devil?
(a) They created an imbalance between Heaven and Hell by inflating Hell's population.
(b) They are necessary for the planet's survival.
(c) Their misdeeds leave an invisible residue on the planet.
(d) They create an imbalance between their species and nature.

6. According to Nail Bunny, what defines the world?
(a) Nothing; it is indefinable.
(b) The ability to think logically.
(c) Daytime talk shows.
(d) Relationships between people.

7. What happens to D-Boy and Mr. Eff in Part 5?
(a) Johnny kills them.
(b) They are burned alive.
(c) They are crushed when the house implodes.
(d) They are destroyed by the monster.

8. How old was the boy in the second public service announcement when he left home?
(a) Six.
(b) Four.
(c) Nine.
(d) Eight.

9. Johnny feels that his victims fail to understand what?
(a) The futility of apologies.
(b) The insignificance of their actions.
(c) Their role in the world and society.
(d) The impact their actions have on others.

10. Who is possessed by the ghost of Happy Noodle Boy, in Part 5?
(a) A police officer.
(b) A little boy.
(c) A dog.
(d) A bird.

11. Why was Johnny a poor choice, according to the Devil, for his prescribed role on Earth?
(a) He was deranged to begin with.
(b) He didn't have the experience to fulfill his role efficiently.
(c) He didn't enjoy the work he was supposed to be doing.
(d) He was too easily distracted from his task.

12. What is the gatekeeper's reaction to what he reads?
(a) He asks Johnny some questions about what he reads.
(b) He vomits.
(c) He slaps Johnny.
(d) He is speechless.

13. How does Johnny hurt himself, when he visits Squee in Part 4?
(a) He falls down the stairs.
(b) He cut his hand on a can of Spaghettios.
(c) D-Boy tried to kill him.
(d) One of his victims bit him.

14. Who is Elize?
(a) One of the gatekeepers.
(b) God's secretary.
(c) One of Johnny's former victims.
(d) Johnny's tour guide in Heaven.

15. What does Johnny have difficulty remembering, in Part 4?
(a) His reasons for doing the things he's done.
(b) Why he tried to kill Devi.
(c) What drew him to the house in which he currently lives.
(d) When he and Nail Bunny met.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Johnny ask Squee for, in Part 4?

2. What is everyone doing in Heaven?

3. Why does Johnny think the bug is mocking him, in the second strip of Part 4?

4. What happens to the male captive who is trying to escape in Part 5?

5. What is the name of the young woman from the movie theater?

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