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Jhonen Vasquez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the young woman when she reaches the door of Johnny's house?
(a) She escapes.
(b) She bursts into flame.
(c) She screams in pain.
(d) She disintegrates.

2. What does Johnny observe upon his arrival, in the first strip of Part 6?
(a) The place looks just like his house.
(b) It is too dark for him to see anything.
(c) The place is clean and sparkling.
(d) The place is messy and dirty.

3. According to the Devil, what was Johnny's role in the world?
(a) He was supposed to act as an anchor to stabilize the harmful residue left by humans.
(b) He was supposed to rid the world of cruel people who contributed to its degeneration.
(c) To remind people of their mortality.
(d) To make people think twice about their actions by punishing those who didn't.

4. Who is Johnny talking to at the beginning of Part 4?
(a) Nail Bunny.
(b) Squee.
(c) Mr. Eff.
(d) D-Boy.

5. Who is possessed by the ghost of Happy Noodle Boy, in Part 5?
(a) A bird.
(b) A police officer.
(c) A dog.
(d) A little boy.

6. Johnny creates a machine that fires a gun when what happens?
(a) He opens the refrigerator.
(b) He flushes the toilet.
(c) The doorbell rings.
(d) His phone rings.

7. What happens to the little boy in the Happy Noodle Boy strip, in Part 5?
(a) He injures himself playing with his father's gun.
(b) He eats his dog, and becomes evil.
(c) He is killed by Happy Noodle Boy.
(d) He is hit by a car.

8. How does God respond to Johnny's questions?
(a) He tells Johnny that Johnny will get his answers when the time is right.
(b) He answers Johnny's questions with more questions.
(c) He says he is still tired from creating the universe, and needs to sleep.
(d) He ignores Johnny, and doesn't respond at all.

9. What does Anne practice before she goes out?
(a) Her mysterious look.
(b) An air of aloofness and apathy.
(c) Making polite conversation with others.
(d) The moves she learned the week before.

10. What does the young woman wish she had on tape, in Part 5?
(a) The monster.
(b) Johnny's confession.
(c) Johnny's variety of torture devices.
(d) Her companion's death.

11. What does the gatekeeper read?
(a) A list of the acts Johnny committed during his life.
(b) Johnny's diary.
(c) A memo concerning why Johnny was sent there.
(d) Johnny's "Happy Noodle Boy" comics.

12. What does Johnny realize about Nail Bunny, in Part 4?
(a) That he is simply a manifestation of one of Johnny's internal voices.
(b) That he was actually a pet Johnny once had.
(c) That he is no longer an inanimate object.
(d) That he has separated himself from Johnny and taken on a personality of his own.

13. Why are Heaven's inhabitants content?
(a) They have no physiological needs.
(b) They are reunited with everyone in their family.
(c) They finally have whatever they wanted throughout their lives.
(d) They lived a life of contentment, without desire.

14. For what does Johnny berate himself, when talking to his captives at the end of Part 5?
(a) Letting the monster escape.
(b) Not completing his task.
(c) Not listening to Nail Bunny's warnings.
(d) Caring about small, cruel people.

15. What does the young woman regret as she is fleeing Johnny's house?
(a) She wasn't able to kill Johnny.
(b) She still doesn't understand why she was kidnapped.
(c) She is leaving a house where rude, ignorant people are shackled, to escape to a world where they roam free.
(d) She wasn't able to save her friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Nail Bunny, what was different about Johnny before?

2. What does Johnny think is the reason behind his compulsion to kill and save his victims' blood?

3. Who is introduced at the beginning of Part 5?

4. What does Johnny confess at the end of the first strip of Part 4?

5. What is everyone doing in Heaven?

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