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Jhonen Vasquez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event does Happy Noodle Boy barge in on, in Part 3?
(a) A wedding.
(b) A birthday party.
(c) A bar mitzvah.
(d) A funeral.

2. How does Squee's father respond when Squee tells him he is frightened?
(a) He reminds Squee that he never wanted him.
(b) He gives Squee a glass of warm milk and sends him back to bed.
(c) He checks Squee's closet, and under his bed, to humor him.
(d) He ignores Squee, and doesn't speak to him at all.

3. What is the subject of the public service announcement in Part 3?
(a) Homelessness.
(b) Teen pregnancy.
(c) Internet addiction.
(d) Violence in the media.

4. Why does Johnny stop momentarily during his rampage in the cafe?
(a) He needs a drink.
(b) His CD skips.
(c) He stops to think about what he is doing.
(d) He sees someone he knows.

5. What is Johnny's response when the captive in Part 2 asks Johnny to loosen his restraints?
(a) Johnny can't loosen the restraints because then the process won't be any fun.
(b) The captive should enjoy the pain, because it means he's still alive.
(c) The pain will teach him a lesson that he will remember when Johnny lets him go.
(d) Johnny can't loosen the restraints because then the captive might try to flee.

6. Where is the young couple, at the end of the fourth strip in Part 3?
(a) Having dinner at a restaurant.
(b) Strapped into chairs, in Johnny's house.
(c) Sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee.
(d) At the woman's house, opening their mail.

7. How does Squee's mother react when he tells her he is frightened?
(a) She screams that she never wanted him.
(b) She tells him to stop worrying and go back to bed.
(c) She ignores him and tells him to go see his father.
(d) She doesn't respond because she is asleep.

8. What is Squee's real name?
(a) Todd.
(b) Billy.
(c) Jack.
(d) Johnny.

9. What compliment does Johnny give to the female captive in Part 2?
(a) He tells her that she is very intelligent.
(b) He tells her she is beautiful.
(c) He tells her that she is a lot like him.
(d) He tells her she is braver than most of his victims.

10. What does the captive, in Part 2, suggest Johnny should do?
(a) Try to see things from his victims' point of view.
(b) Kill himself.
(c) Turn himself in to the police.
(d) Seek professional help.

11. What is Johnny's house number?
(a) 234.
(b) 789.
(c) 777.
(d) 666.

12. What does Johnny tell the survey taker about his victims?
(a) Death had told Johnny it was their time to go.
(b) They helped to cause their own demise.
(c) They weren't important; they were just part of a greater plan.
(d) They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

13. Why does Johnny try to kill Devi?
(a) Because he doesn't want their happiness to end by having the relationship go badly.
(b) Because he thinks she is too close to discovering who he really is.
(c) Because he wants his feelings for her to go away.
(d) Because he thinks she will go to the police.

14. What threat does Johnny make to the female captive in Part 2?
(a) To disfigure her and send her back to be shunned by her own friends.
(b) To torture her before he kills her.
(c) To make her outside as ugly as her inside.
(d) To make her watch as he kills her friends.

15. What does Johnny ask his captive, at the beginning of Part 2?
(a) Why people are so unpleasant.
(b) Why people ridicule him when he goes out in public.
(c) Why he hears voices in his head.
(d) Why there is no justice in the world.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Johnny hurt, when he first meets Squee?

2. Why does Johnny try to shock himself with a Taser in Part 3?

3. What does Squee do when he sees the survey taker?

4. Why do the people outside the cafe make fun of Johnny?

5. What does Johnny write in his "die-ary" at the end of Part 2?

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