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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Joe feel about the war?
(a) He thinks it will be interesting.
(b) He doesn't have an opinion.
(c) He doesn't think it has anything to do with him.
(d) He's ready to go.

2. What does Joe want the nurses to do so he doesn't feel like he's drowning?
(a) To prop him up.
(b) To put him in a chair.
(c) To wipe the sweat off his face.
(d) To lay him out flat.

3. What kind of flowers do the kids gather for May Day?
(a) Daisies.
(b) Tulips.
(c) Roses.
(d) Primroses.

4. Why does Joe not understand how he is alive?
(a) He was in a foxhole away from medical help.
(b) So many people die of such small things.
(c) He didn't think medicine was so far advanced.
(d) He has always been lucky.

5. With what does Joe compare his situation right now?
(a) Being stuck in bed with a broken leg.
(b) Being back in the womb.
(c) When his father died.
(d) Losing his best friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. Joe would think he was dead except why?

2. What does Joe decide when he first figures out he has no arms?

3. What is happening in Joe's mind as he lays in bed?

4. Where did Joe and his friends swim in Colorado?

5. What does Joe think about his head as he lays in the bed?

Short Essay Questions

1. What book did Joe read that gave him a nightmare and what was that nightmare?

2. What does Joe think about guys fighting for liberty?

3. As Joe's pain fades some what does he think about and how does he feel about being deaf?

4. Who does Joe call out to in his nightmare and why?

5. When did Joe become aware of the war and what events in the war occurred at that time?

6. What idea does Pinky Carson come up with for Jose and how does that work out?

7. How far does Joe walk to get to the bakery and how much money does he make?

8. Why does Howie wake Joe up after working all day on the railroad?

9. What does Joe think guys should do when called up for the military?

10. How does Joe feel about the nurse bathing him?

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