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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do some of the soldiers in France do that are too scared to talk?
(a) Act like dogs.
(b) Scream all night.
(c) Talk like a two year old.
(d) Go catatonic.

2. Why doesn't Joe get tired?
(a) He has no arms or legs to move.
(b) That part of his brain was damaged.
(c) He can't tell when it's night.
(d) He's no longer working.

3. How does Joe feel about Harper as he is on his way back home from the desert?
(a) He might have been telling the truth.
(b) He shouldn't have told Joe.
(c) He's too good a friend to lose over a woman.
(d) He's probably dating Diane too.

4. What does Joe ask Kareen in his dream?
(a) To come find him.
(b) To marry him.
(c) To hold her head up so she won't drown.
(d) To have a child with him.

5. Joe would think he was dead except why?
(a) He shouldn't go to hell and where he is must be hell.
(b) He can't see anyone else.
(c) He is thinking and curious.
(d) He can feel his breathing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Joe do when he finally realizes the full extent of his injuries?

2. How many days has Joe been sick in his life?

3. What did Joe hear about Harper and his fortunes in the war?

4. What skill do Joe and his friends master?

5. What is Jose's ethnic background?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Joe think guys should do when called up for the military?

2. Why does he worry about a ring? What kind of ring is it and who gave it to him?

3. What doesn't Joe understand about being alive?

4. Why does Howie wake Joe up after working all day on the railroad?

5. How does Joe realize he has no left arm and how does he feel about it?

6. Describe the scene at Joe's parents house when he arrives home after his father died.

7. Describe the scene at the rail station when Joe is leaving for the army.

8. What does Joe think about doctors and war?

9. Why does Joe think being the way he is is worse than being in the womb?

10. What idea does Pinky Carson come up with for Jose and how does that work out?

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