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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of musical instrument does Joe's mother play?
(a) Organ.
(b) Violin.
(c) Cello.
(d) Piano.

2. Why won't the doctors kill Joe now?
(a) It's against Army regulations.
(b) They put too much work into him.
(c) It would be murder.
(d) They need him.

3. What does Joe think he has to do first in order to kill himself?
(a) Make friends with the nurse.
(b) Get a hold of a gun.
(c) Flip over.
(d) Learn to communicate.

4. What does Jose want to know from the rest of the workers at the bakery?
(a) How to drive a car.
(b) How to quit his job gracefully.
(c) How to get into the movies.
(d) Where to get a map of Los Angeles.

5. What does Joe think is crawling on him?
(a) A mosquito.
(b) A cockroach.
(c) A trench rat.
(d) A snake.

6. What does Joe go to the store for on Saturdays?
(a) Buy hamburgers for dinner.
(b) Buy his mother soap.
(c) To buy candy for his sisters.
(d) To bring his father home.

7. What does Joe do when he finally realizes the full extent of his injuries?
(a) He tries to figure out how to die.
(b) He calls for Kareen.
(c) He sobs.
(d) He calls out to his mother to come help him.

8. What does Joe think would be wonderful when he was thinking about the nurse and the rat?
(a) That nothing is real.
(b) That it's his mother bathing him.
(c) If they were the same person.
(d) That he would hear.

9. Why does Joe think he is masked?
(a) To keep infection down.
(b) So the nurses won't have to look at him.
(c) They haven't taken off the bandages yet.
(d) So his face will heal.

10. What kind of flowers do the kids gather for May Day?
(a) Daisies.
(b) Tulips.
(c) Primroses.
(d) Roses.

11. What is Jose's ethnic background?
(a) Puerto Rican.
(b) Mexican.
(c) German.
(d) Italian.

12. Why doesn't Joe worry about lack of appetite?
(a) He wanted to lose weight.
(b) They pump food in his stomach.
(c) He wants to die anyway.
(d) He doesn't like army food.

13. Joe thinks a lot of guys go to war because of this.
(a) Shame.
(b) Getting to kill.
(c) To see another country.
(d) To get away from a wife.

14. What do the doctors consider Joe to be?
(a) A thinking person.
(b) An interesting problem.
(c) Another casuality of war.
(d) They don't think about him at all.

15. How does Joe figure he can communicate since he is deaf?
(a) He will use telepathy.
(b) In writing.
(c) He can still talk.
(d) With sign language.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does his girlfriend's father do in the morning on his departure day?

2. What does his girlfriend's father tell him to do the night before he leaves?

3. What does Joe think is his duty towards Diane?

4. What does Joe realize that he can't tell the difference between?

5. What does Joe wonder about when he thinks of the foxhole?

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