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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Howie wake Joe up when they have gone to bed for the night?
(a) To show him a telegram.
(b) To get him to stop snoring.
(c) To give him dinner.
(d) To get him to go out to the bar.

2. How does Joe figure he can communicate since he is deaf?
(a) With sign language.
(b) In writing.
(c) He can still talk.
(d) He will use telepathy.

3. Why doesn't Joe worry about lack of appetite?
(a) They pump food in his stomach.
(b) He wants to die anyway.
(c) He wanted to lose weight.
(d) He doesn't like army food.

4. What famous person flies into Joe's hometown one day?
(a) Charles Lindbergh.
(b) David Grintings.
(c) Amelia Earhart.
(d) Daredevil pilot Lincoln Beechy.

5. What happened to Joe's left arm?
(a) It was cut off at the shoulder.
(b) It was amputated at the elbow.
(c) It was broken.
(d) It was burned badly.

6. What does Joe think about his head as he lays in the bed?
(a) It is too badly injured for him to live.
(b) The shell should have hit his head.
(c) It is too messed up.
(d) It is too heavy.

7. What does Joe weep about for the first time?
(a) Going to war.
(b) His mother's death.
(c) Working in the desert.
(d) A girl.

8. When does the first snowfall usually happen where Joe grew up?
(a) Thanksgiving.
(b) Valentine's Day.
(c) Christmas.
(d) New Years Day.

9. What does Joe wonder about when he thinks of the foxhole?
(a) What hit them.
(b) The other guys in it.
(c) How the Germans found them.
(d) Whether it was American bombs.

10. What does Joe think about the fact that they cut off his arm?
(a) He can always walk.
(b) He's glad it wasn't his right arm.
(c) He still has the right arm.
(d) They should have asked him first.

11. What did the doctors use to put in a window of a guy who had his stomach blown away?
(a) Pig's skin.
(b) Cadaver skin.
(c) A graft from his brother.
(d) Silk.

12. What minor injury does Joe think about?
(a) A bruise on the back of his head.
(b) A hole in his side.
(c) Joe has only major injuries.
(d) A scrap on his stomach.

13. Why does Joe think he may be lucky not having a nose?
(a) So he can't breath.
(b) He always thought his nose was too big.
(c) So it doesn't look funny with no mouth.
(d) So he can't smell himself.

14. How does Joe finally get fired?
(a) He asks the boss's daughter out.
(b) He slaps the boss.
(c) He burns up a thousand hot cross buns.
(d) He pushes over a cart of blueberry pies.

15. What does Joe think is his duty towards Diane?
(a) To marry her.
(b) To tell her father.
(c) To warn her about Hogan.
(d) To let her go so she can date who she wants.

Short Answer Questions

1. When he wants to kill himself by not breathing what does he find out?

2. What does Joe think war is for the doctors?

3. Why does Joe not understand how he is alive?

4. What does Joe realize that he can't tell the difference between?

5. What does Joe decide when he first figures out he has no arms?

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