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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Joe tries to yell?
(a) He realizes he has no mouth.
(b) He has no tongue.
(c) He has a sore throat.
(d) His larynx is gone.

2. What is Joe trying to figure out how to tell his father when they go camping?
(a) Bill Harper is coming to fish with Joe.
(b) He hates to camp.
(c) He hates to fish.
(d) He wants to go hunting.

3. Why does Joe think he may be lucky not having a nose?
(a) So he can't breath.
(b) He always thought his nose was too big.
(c) So it doesn't look funny with no mouth.
(d) So he can't smell himself.

4. What does Joe feel under all of his bandages?
(a) Sweating.
(b) Coolness.
(c) Feeling a burning sensation.
(d) Itching.

5. What did his parents use when they were courting?
(a) Sending messages with friends.
(b) Notes passed by their parents.
(c) A party line telephone.
(d) A bulletin board at school.

6. What does Superintendent of School Hargraves say about the airplane?
(a) It's mankind's greatest step forward in a hundred years.
(b) Man wasn't made to fly.
(c) It's too noisy.
(d) It makes a lot of smoke and stinks.

7. What does Joe think he should have done about Diane instead rushing out to work in the desert?
(a) Beaten up Hogan.
(b) Moved to New York.
(c) Forgiven her.
(d) Found another girl.

8. How does Joe finally get fired?
(a) He slaps the boss.
(b) He asks the boss's daughter out.
(c) He burns up a thousand hot cross buns.
(d) He pushes over a cart of blueberry pies.

9. With what does Joe compare his situation right now?
(a) Being stuck in bed with a broken leg.
(b) Losing his best friend.
(c) When his father died.
(d) Being back in the womb.

10. What does Glen Hogan give Joe for his birthday one year?
(a) Brown silk socks.
(b) A blue tie.
(c) A new pocket knife.
(d) A leather jacket.

11. What do the doctors consider Joe to be?
(a) An interesting problem.
(b) A thinking person.
(c) They don't think about him at all.
(d) Another casuality of war.

12. Why is Bill Bonham a failure?
(a) He can't make money.
(b) He can't catch any fish.
(c) He can't feed his family.
(d) He doesn't hunt.

13. What did Joe think when he read THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII?
(a) A mountain had blown up trapping him in the lava.
(b) It was a quick, easy way to die.
(c) That he would never live near a volcano.
(d) That it must have been awful for the people.

14. What type of musical instrument does Joe's mother play?
(a) Violin.
(b) Organ.
(c) Cello.
(d) Piano.

15. Why are Joe and Howie laying track in the desert?
(a) They need money for school.
(b) Things were out of control at home.
(c) His father got him the job.
(d) They want to build up their muscles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Joe would think he was dead except why?

2. Why does Bonham think he is dying?

3. What does Joe decide when he figures out he's deaf?

4. What does his girlfriend's father tell him to do the night before he leaves?

5. What does Joe decide when he first figures out he has no arms?

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