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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Joe feel about the war?
(a) He thinks it will be interesting.
(b) He's ready to go.
(c) He doesn't have an opinion.
(d) He doesn't think it has anything to do with him.

2. What do some of the soldiers in France do that are too scared to talk?
(a) Go catatonic.
(b) Act like dogs.
(c) Scream all night.
(d) Talk like a two year old.

3. What does Joe realize when he tries to kick the blankets off?
(a) He's lost his legs too.
(b) There are no blankets on him.
(c) They are tucked under the mattress.
(d) He is strapped down.

4. Why does Joe think he is masked?
(a) So his face will heal.
(b) To keep infection down.
(c) They haven't taken off the bandages yet.
(d) So the nurses won't have to look at him.

5. How many days has Joe been sick in his life?
(a) Three times.
(b) Once.
(c) Never.
(d) Twice.

6. Why does Howie wake Joe up when they have gone to bed for the night?
(a) To get him to stop snoring.
(b) To get him to go out to the bar.
(c) To give him dinner.
(d) To show him a telegram.

7. What is Joe trying to figure out how to tell his father when they go camping?
(a) Bill Harper is coming to fish with Joe.
(b) He hates to camp.
(c) He hates to fish.
(d) He wants to go hunting.

8. What does Superintendent of School Hargraves say about the airplane?
(a) It's mankind's greatest step forward in a hundred years.
(b) It's too noisy.
(c) Man wasn't made to fly.
(d) It makes a lot of smoke and stinks.

9. What do the workers tell Jose to do?
(a) Leave the water running in the kitchen.
(b) Drop a bunch of pies.
(c) Spit in the bread dough in front of the boss.
(d) Knock the boss over.

10. What did Joe's father ask him when he arrives at home?
(a) Where Diane is.
(b) If he is staying in for the night.
(c) If he can go to the store.
(d) Why he worked only one day on the rail job.

11. What does Joe decide when he first figures out he has no arms?
(a) He will have to have a patient wife.
(b) He can learn to use his legs.
(c) He can get hooks.
(d) He can use his mouth.

12. What does Joe think is his duty towards Diane?
(a) To marry her.
(b) To warn her about Hogan.
(c) To tell her father.
(d) To let her go so she can date who she wants.

13. What does Joe ask Kareen in his dream?
(a) To have a child with him.
(b) To come find him.
(c) To hold her head up so she won't drown.
(d) To marry him.

14. What does Joe think is crawling on him?
(a) A trench rat.
(b) A snake.
(c) A mosquito.
(d) A cockroach.

15. What kind of flowers do the kids gather for May Day?
(a) Primroses.
(b) Roses.
(c) Daisies.
(d) Tulips.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of musical instrument does Joe's mother play?

2. What does Joe go to the store for on Saturdays?

3. What does Joe think war is for the doctors?

4. Why doesn't Joe get tired?

5. How does Joe figure he can communicate since he is deaf?

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