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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What skill do Joe and his friends master?
(a) Smoking cigarettes with style.
(b) Dancing with the girls.
(c) Asking a girl on a date.
(d) Hunting deer and elk.

2. What does Joe think he has to do first in order to kill himself?
(a) Flip over.
(b) Learn to communicate.
(c) Get a hold of a gun.
(d) Make friends with the nurse.

3. What does Joe decide when he figures out he's deaf?
(a) He won't have to listen to his wife nag.
(b) He didn't like music anyway.
(c) He can get a hearing aid.
(d) He can learn to read lips.

4. What did Joe think when he read THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII?
(a) It was a quick, easy way to die.
(b) That he would never live near a volcano.
(c) That it must have been awful for the people.
(d) A mountain had blown up trapping him in the lava.

5. When does Joe become aware of the war?
(a) When he is drafted.
(b) When he hears it on the radio.
(c) When his father is called up.
(d) When they move to Los Angeles.

6. What did Joe hear about Harper and his fortunes in the war?
(a) He was injured and sent home.
(b) He was never drafted.
(c) He was made a captain.
(d) He was killed.

7. When he wants to kill himself by not breathing what does he find out?
(a) He is strapped down so he can't move.
(b) His breathing is beyond his control.
(c) He can't hold his breath.
(d) He passes out before dying.

8. What kind of flowers do the kids gather for May Day?
(a) Daisies.
(b) Tulips.
(c) Primroses.
(d) Roses.

9. What does Joe finally realize towards the end of Chapter 3?
(a) He has lost both arms.
(b) He is in America.
(c) He has lost his mother's letter.
(d) He can't move his legs.

10. With what does Joe compare his situation right now?
(a) Losing his best friend.
(b) Being stuck in bed with a broken leg.
(c) Being back in the womb.
(d) When his father died.

11. What does Joe ask Kareen in his dream?
(a) To hold her head up so she won't drown.
(b) To have a child with him.
(c) To marry him.
(d) To come find him.

12. What does Joe want to do most as he is lying in bed injured?
(a) To hear someone talk.
(b) To go home.
(c) To die.
(d) To get up and walk.

13. Why does Joe Bonham wish someone would pick up the phone?
(a) He hates phones on general principle.
(b) He hates the tone the phone makes.
(c) He has a terrible headache.
(d) He is expecting a call.

14. Why does Howie wake Joe up when they have gone to bed for the night?
(a) To get him to stop snoring.
(b) To get him to go out to the bar.
(c) To show him a telegram.
(d) To give him dinner.

15. What does Joe think is crawling on him?
(a) A mosquito.
(b) A trench rat.
(c) A snake.
(d) A cockroach.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Joe see in the snow as he thinks of his life?

2. How does Joe feel when the nurse is washing him?

3. What does his girlfriend's father tell him to do the night before he leaves?

4. What does Joe think is his duty towards Diane?

5. What happened to Joe's left arm?

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