Johnny Got His Gun Character Descriptions

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Joe Bonham

The protagonist of JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN, he is a twenty-year-old draftee when the novel begins, lying in a hospital bed, somewhere unknown, having lost his arms, legs, eyes, ears, nose, and tongue to a high-explosive shell.

Bill Bonham

The protagonist's father, he dies at age fifty-one in Los Angeles, California after a long illness.

Kareen Birkman

Joe Bonham's beautiful nineteen-year-old girl friend in Los Angeles, California, at the time he is drafted into the Army.

Mike Birkman

He is a tough, excitable twenty-eight-year veteran of the Wyoming coal mines.

Lincoln Beechy

A daredevil pilot, he flies into Shale City one day, flying five loop-the-loops to everyone's amazement.

Macia Bonham

The protagonist's mother, is a fine pianist and singer, and plays for her husband over the party-line telephones during their courtship.

Pinky Carson

A worker in the Los Angeles bakery in which Joe Bonham once worked...

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