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David McCullough
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was an important topic of debate related to the Articles of Confederation?

2. In what Paris suburb did the Adamses find a house for their stay in France?

3. In what location does the book begin?

4. Why is Abigail especially melancholy by another one of John's absences?

5. Which was the only element of the Adamses house not in need of desperate tending?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the speculation options for Adams' political future.

2. What happens to Adams just as he is about to give up his life as a public servant for the government?

3. What were the circumstances of the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence?

4. What were Abigail's overall impressions of Paris?

5. What fortuitous meeting did Abigail have before sailing from Boston?

6. What were John and Abigail's concerns for their children during this period?

7. Who did Adams marry?

8. How did Adams pass his time while on the voyage to France?

9. Explain Adams' education and entry into the profession of law.

10. What was the nature of the meeting requested by British General Howe with Adams, Franklin and Rutledge?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The relationship between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had a curvy path during their lifetimes. Describe the nature of their friendship from the beginning, how it strengthened, how it eroded, and then finally solidified again.

Essay Topic 2

The act of declaring independence from Britain took tremendous courage for this group of men who could have been hanged for treason. Using John Adams as the primary example, explain some of the reasons why the belief in independence was important enough to risk their lives.

Essay Topic 3

Explain the role of letter-writing between John and Abigail. What is revealed by their letters? What can John not bring himself to say in the letters?

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