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David McCullough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who led the opposition effort against Adams?
(a) John Pickering
(b) Alexander Hamilton
(c) Aaron Burr
(d) Thomas Jefferson

2. What did Abigail say she felt like when setting out to join John in Philadelphia?
(a) The good samaritan
(b) The prodigal son
(c) Noah's dove returning to the ark
(d) A dutiful wife

3. How long had Adams lived overseas at the time he returns home in 1788?
(a) 5 years
(b) 3 years
(c) 7 years
(d) 10 years

4. What illness strikes many, including Washington, in May of 1790?
(a) Influenza
(b) Tuberculosis
(c) Scarlet fever
(d) Polio

5. By what name do some of Adams' opponents call him?
(a) Farmer Brown
(b) The Little Napoleon
(c) The Village Idiot
(d) The President by Three Votes

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does John take Abigail for a five-week tour?

2. What is King George III's demeanor toward Adams in their first formal meeting?

3. How does Thomas Jefferson now view Adams?

4. What did many people do at Washington's departure?

5. Who does Washington name as Secretary of State?

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