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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Thomas Jefferson now view Adams?
(a) As an embarrassment
(b) As the smartest man in the government
(c) As presidential material
(d) As his best friend

2. Why was Adams so pleased with John Quincy's appointment as Secretary of State?
(a) He would be closer to home
(b) He could ask Adams for advice
(c) He would be making more money
(d) The last three presidents had held that office

3. Of what disease does Charles Adams die?
(a) Cancer
(b) Malaria
(c) Diabetes
(d) Cirrhosis

4. What prompts Abigail to write to Jefferson after 17 years of silence?
(a) John's terminal illness diagnosis
(b) The death of his daughter, Polly
(c) Her terminal illness diagnosis
(d) The death of their daughter, Nabby

5. How many months did Adams govern from his Quincy home instead of Philadelphia in 1799?
(a) 2
(b) 5
(c) 7
(d) 6

6. What U.S. institution is established in 1800?
(a) The Smithsonian Institution
(b) The Library of Congress
(c) The Liberty Bell
(d) The Capitol building

7. What happens when John and Abigail lose their life savings in imprudent investments?
(a) They buy a smaller farm
(b) John Quincy buys Stoneyfield for them
(c) They move in with John Quincy
(d) They move to town

8. What illness strikes many, including Washington, in May of 1790?
(a) Influenza
(b) Scarlet fever
(c) Polio
(d) Tuberculosis

9. Who was the artist of the famous painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence?
(a) John Trumbull
(b) Andrew Wyeth
(c) John Singer Sargent
(d) Rembrandt

10. How did Adams perceive the Vice Presidency?
(a) A civilized way to pass time
(b) A great honor
(c) A monument to service
(d) A do-nothing job

11. After learning of his son, Charles', indiscriminate behavior, what does Adams do?
(a) Sends him to a sanitorium
(b) Gives him money
(c) Renounces him
(d) Gets him psychological help

12. What is Abigail's perception of New York?
(a) Cultured
(b) Dull
(c) Invigorating
(d) Intellectual

13. Who did Adams fear would lead a military coup and return the country to British rule?
(a) Pickering
(b) Jefferson
(c) Hamilton
(d) Jay

14. In what state does Adams find Washington when he arrives?
(a) Barren and dry
(b) Bleak and abandoned
(c) A mosquito-infested swamp
(d) Glittering in the sun

15. What controversial nomination did Adams make as minister plenipotentiary to the French Republic in the matter of negotiating a new treaty?
(a) William Vans Murray
(b) John Quincy Adams
(c) Charles Adams
(d) John Jay

Short Answer Questions

1. Which city has hopes of becoming the country's permanent capital?

2. What did many people do at Washington's departure?

3. Who led the anti-American initiatives in England?

4. What addition did the Adamses make to their home?

5. Who led the opposition effort against Adams?

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