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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Adams' main objective during this period of his presidency?
(a) Abolish slavery
(b) Settle the western territory
(c) Establish a voting system
(d) Avoid war with France

2. What prevented Adams from attending his mother's funeral?
(a) A long-standing feud
(b) Religious differences
(c) Threatening weather
(d) The prospect of war

3. What U.S. institution is established in 1800?
(a) The Smithsonian Institution
(b) The Capitol building
(c) The Library of Congress
(d) The Liberty Bell

4. Of what disease does Charles Adams die?
(a) Cancer
(b) Malaria
(c) Cirrhosis
(d) Diabetes

5. What controversial nomination did Adams make as minister plenipotentiary to the French Republic in the matter of negotiating a new treaty?
(a) John Quincy Adams
(b) William Vans Murray
(c) Charles Adams
(d) John Jay

6. What is the name of the Adamses new grandchild born to John Quincy and Louisa Catherine Adams?
(a) Abigail Elizabeth Adams
(b) George Washington Adams
(c) John Quincy Adams II
(d) Charles Quincy Adams

7. What is Adams' conclusion about keeping Washington's cabinet?
(a) He had not considered it yet
(b) He was still undecided
(c) It was a good decision
(d) It was a mistake

8. Who was the artist of the famous painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence?
(a) Rembrandt
(b) John Singer Sargent
(c) Andrew Wyeth
(d) John Trumbull

9. Who led the opposition effort against Adams?
(a) Alexander Hamilton
(b) Aaron Burr
(c) Thomas Jefferson
(d) John Pickering

10. What did Abigail say she felt like when setting out to join John in Philadelphia?
(a) The prodigal son
(b) A dutiful wife
(c) Noah's dove returning to the ark
(d) The good samaritan

11. What was Adams' legacy to his grandchildren?
(a) Walk softly but carry a big stick.
(b) What goes around comes around.
(c) Do justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly. This is enough.
(d) The early bird gets the worm.

12. What is the name of the Adams family farm in Quincy?
(a) Monticello
(b) Belle Monde
(c) Valleyview
(d) Stoneyfield

13. How did Adams perceive the Vice Presidency?
(a) A do-nothing job
(b) A civilized way to pass time
(c) A great honor
(d) A monument to service

14. What do Adams and Jefferson do to take a break from diplomatic matters?
(a) Tour English gardens
(b) Tour British historical sites
(c) Go fishing
(d) Go to bookstores

15. What happens when John and Abigail lose their life savings in imprudent investments?
(a) They move in with John Quincy
(b) John Quincy buys Stoneyfield for them
(c) They move to town
(d) They buy a smaller farm

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what disease does Abigail die?

2. Why was Adams so pleased with John Quincy's appointment as Secretary of State?

3. How many children did King George III of England have?

4. Who was Adams especially glad to see?

5. Who did Adams fear would lead a military coup and return the country to British rule?

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