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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was an important topic of debate related to the Articles of Confederation?
(a) Voting
(b) Agriculture
(c) Military
(d) Taxation

2. To what country does John Quincy go as a secretary?
(a) Italy
(b) Russia
(c) Ireland
(d) Germany

3. What is the name of Jefferson's Virginia home?
(a) Mont Verde
(b) Montgomery
(c) Belle Monde
(d) Monticello

4. Where was the boarding school in which Adams enrolled his sons located?
(a) Passy
(b) Orleans
(c) Nice
(d) Provence

5. What was the core message of Adam's "Braintree Instructions"?
(a) How to plant a field
(b) No taxation without representation
(c) How to become a lawyer
(d) How to publish a book

6. Which French Minister favored Franklin to Adams?
(a) The Marquis de Lafayette
(b) The Comte de Passy
(c) The Comte de Vergennes
(d) Count Rochambeau

7. Which of the following did Abigail not find Paris to be?
(a) Splendid
(b) Uncultured
(c) Filthy
(d) Stinking

8. Who helps Adams become acclimated to living in Paris?
(a) Silas Deane
(b) Francois Ledeaux
(c) Benjamin Franklin
(d) Franklin Bache

9. To what position does Congress appoint Franklin in September of 1778?
(a) Secretary of State
(b) Prime Minister
(c) Secretary of the Treasury
(d) Minister Plenipotentiary to France

10. How long did it take for the Declaration of Independence document to be printed for signatures?
(a) 1 hour
(b) 1 week
(c) 1 day
(d) 1 month

11. What did Adams do in May of 1782?
(a) Raised the American flag at the first U.S. embassy in the world
(b) Resigned his post in Holland
(c) Traveled to Russia
(d) Returned home to Abigail

12. Which American envoy disliked both Adams and Franklin?
(a) Edward Biddle
(b) William Pierce
(c) Arthur Lee
(d) Silas Deane

13. What was the assumed British knowledge about Adams?
(a) He would be president
(b) He would be District Attorney
(c) He would be hanged
(d) He was powerless

14. What British officer did Adams and Franklin travel to meet?
(a) Admiral Brattleboro
(b) Major-General William Phillips
(c) Admiral Lord Howe
(d) Major John Andre

15. What is ultimately signed on September 3, 1783?
(a) The Declaration of Independence
(b) The Treaty of Paris
(c) Olive Branch Resolution
(d) Dutch Amnesty Resolution

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Novangelus?

2. In what location does the book begin?

3. What event causes Congress to flee from Philadelphia?

4. Which was the only element of the Adamses house not in need of desperate tending?

5. According to congress, how long should judges serve?

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