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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What precipitates Abigail's sailing to London?
(a) She wants Nabby to have an English education
(b) She and John are going on a second honeymoon
(c) John is appointed Ambassador to the British Court
(d) John is ill and needs her

2. Who was reputed to be the wisest and most influential member of the Continental Congress?
(a) Thomas Jefferson
(b) John Adams
(c) Samuel Adams
(d) Benjamin Franklin

3. How long did it take for the Declaration of Independence document to be printed for signatures?
(a) 1 hour
(b) 1 month
(c) 1 week
(d) 1 day

4. Where was John Adams born?
(a) Cambridge, Massachusetts
(b) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(c) Braintree, Massachusetts
(d) Groton, Massachusetts

5. Which of the following did Abigail not find Paris to be?
(a) Filthy
(b) Stinking
(c) Splendid
(d) Uncultured

6. What is a Te Deum?
(a) A French food
(b) An opera
(c) A dance
(d) A religious service

7. What morbid premonition of Abigail's comes true in July of 1777?
(a) Her sister dies
(b) John is taken prisoner
(c) Their home is torched
(d) She delivers a stillborn daughter

8. What was the name of the ship on which Adams sailed to Europe?
(a) Brandywine
(b) Boston
(c) Brigadier
(d) Bella

9. To whom is the Adams family farm rented?
(a) Phoebe Abdee
(b) Dr. Rush
(c) Benjamin Blackstone
(d) Samuel Adams

10. On what day was the Declaration of Independence approved?
(a) July 4, 1775
(b) July 1, 1776
(c) July 5, 1776
(d) July 4, 1776

11. "Glorious news" of what event arrives while Adams is in Holland?
(a) The British surrender at Yorktown
(b) Abigail has given birth to another son
(c) The French Revolution is over
(d) Congress has released funds for the army

12. What is the name of the ship taking the Adamses to France in 1779?
(a) Annabelle
(b) Sensible
(c) Rutledge
(d) Sensation

13. Which French Minister favored Franklin to Adams?
(a) Count Rochambeau
(b) The Marquis de Lafayette
(c) The Comte de Vergennes
(d) The Comte de Passy

14. What is the name of Jefferson's Virginia home?
(a) Monticello
(b) Montgomery
(c) Belle Monde
(d) Mont Verde

15. How old was Benjamin Franklin at the time of the Second Continental Congress?
(a) 70
(b) 75
(c) 65
(d) 50

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did John Adams go to Philadelphia in 1774?

2. How long did Adams remain in Philadelphia?

3. In what year was John Adams born?

4. To what city does Adams move his family in 1768?

5. To what town does Adams move his family in 1771?

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