John Adams Short Essay - Answer Key

David McCullough
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1. Describe John Adams.

John Adams was a lawyer, farmer, Harvard graduate, husband of Abigail Smith Adams, father of four children, portly but fit, plain dressed - and a revolutionary. He loved family, farm, books and writing. He angered and forgave quickly. He cared deeply for friends, and he was kind-hearted, brilliant, independent and frugal. He was honest about his ambition to succeed in life. A Christian and an independent thinker, he was a student of human foibles, well read in the classics and modern literature. For years, Adam

2. Where is Adams headed when the book opens?

Adams and companion Joseph Bass were heading to General George Washington's headquarters at a time when army enlistments were running out and replacements hard to find. The force was undermanned and poorly supplied. Smallpox raged. Washington had never commanded so large a force. Facing staff opposition to an all-out attack on Boston, he sought Adams' confirmation that his authority covered all American forces because Adams had nominated him for the post in 1774.

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