Objects & Places from John Adams

David McCullough
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The Alien and Sedition Acts

The most controversial legislation to which Adams gave his signature, were a High Federalist reaction to the rabid Republic press and the large number of French emigrees whose loyalty might be suspect in the event of open war.

The Articles of Confederation

This interim constitution governed the rebelling colonies in 1776 through 1787.

Auteuil, France

This was the large house on the outskirts of Paris where John, Abigail and Nabby lived before his appointment to London was confirmed by Congress.


Proponents of a strong central government, their undisputed leader was Alexander Hamilton.

The Kentucky Resolutions

Jefferson's reaction to the Alien and Sedition Acts, these declared the states as ultimate arbiters of federal authority.

New York, New York

The site of the first capital of the United States where Washington was inaugurated and where Adams spent his first miserable years presiding in enforced silence over...

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