John Adams Fun Activities

David McCullough
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Independence Day

Show your independence from something that restricts your life--but only for one day! Don't take out the trash! Don't wear shoes! Don't eat broccoli! But be sure to tell your teachers and parents that your independence experiment has a one-day lifespan! You may also choose to go without something that holds you to your old life in other ways such as your e-mail, cell or iPod.

Revolutionary War Songs

A big part of every war are the songs which become popular either to protest it or support it. Research the songs written and sung during the time period of the Revolutionary War and bring them to class to share with the other students to get a better feel for the period. Make a CD if you can find musicians willing to perform the music.

McCullough's Laptop

Imagine that you could have a conversation with McCullough's laptop...

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