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Jack Gantos
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Shifting Gears and Pittsburgh.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When do the teachers have a meeting to discuss handling Joey?
(a) During Fall Break.
(b) Before the first day of school.
(c) At the end of the year.
(d) At Parent Teacher Conferences.

2. What is Joey's mother's name?
(a) Heidi.
(b) Fran.
(c) Gretchen.
(d) Chloe.

3. What does Joey do in his chair when he gets bored?
(a) Cuts it.
(b) Spins.
(c) Draws on it.
(d) Slaps the bottom of it.

4. What does Ms. Maxy say Joey might do someday if he can't control himself?
(a) Run out of chances.
(b) Hurt someone else.
(c) Lose his patience.
(d) Offend people.

5. What does Joey hurt another student with?
(a) His fingernails.
(b) Pencils.
(c) Scissors.
(d) Glue.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing Joey gets in trouble for on the field trip?

2. What does Joey say he has never done?

3. Why does Joey's mother pinch him when they are talking to the principal after Joey hurts a class mate?

4. Who notices when Joey's medication wears off?

5. What does Ms. Maxy have Joey do with the pencils?

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