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Jack Gantos
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Shifting Gears and Pittsburgh.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Joey's mother get defensive about when he tells her what Ed said on his first day at the new school?
(a) Her drinking.
(b) Leaving when he was little.
(c) Joey's father.
(d) Her gambling.

2. What does Joey scream after hurting a class mate?
(a) Why?
(b) I'm sorry.
(c) How?
(d) I didn't mean to.

3. What does Joey hate being called by teachers?
(a) Rambunctious.
(b) A bad kid.
(c) A nuissance.
(d) A handful.

4. Why is Maria transferred to a different school?
(a) She was not learning as well as she could.
(b) She was suffering PTSD.
(c) Her father thinks public school is too violent.
(d) He didn't want her to turn out like Joey.

5. Why does Joey need a key?
(a) So he won't have to remember a combination.
(b) To get into his house when his mother is not home.
(c) To make him feel responsible.
(d) To keep his things safe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who notices when Joey's medication wears off?

2. Who helps get Joey's medication changed?

3. What does Joey have a key to?

4. What does Joey's mother say she did before coming back to him?

5. Why does Mr. Preston think Joey is being abused?

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