Objects & Places from Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key

Jack Gantos
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Tasmanian Devil

This is a hyperactive and destructive cartoon character to whom Joey often compares himself

Big Quiet Chair

This is in the special education classroom, and the children use it to read quietly.

Transdermal Patch

This is used to constantly deliver medication into the body.


This is where both Joey's father and grandmother go to live after abandoning him.


These individuals live and work according to strict religious principles.

Special Education

This is a form of teaching tailored to fit the needs of students who are unable to learn in a standard classroom environment.

Brain SPECT Test

This is done on Joey to determine if his brain is injured.

Amaretto Sour

This is the type of drink Joey's mother prefers as her own form of medication to help her deal with Joey and his problems.


This is the animal that Joey would like to...

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