Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key Character Descriptions

Jack Gantos
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Character Descriptions

Joey Pigza - This character is a young man with a hyperactivity disorder who cannot seem to help himself from getting into trouble.

Ms. Fran Pigza - This character is a troubled woman with several issues who left her son with her abusive mother.

Grandma Pigza - This character tries to close her grandson in the refrigerator.

Ed Vanness / Special Ed - This character is a caseworker assigned to the main character's particular case.

Mrs. Maxy - This character is a school teacher who seeks out the help one of her hyperactive students needs.

Carter Pigza - This character abandoned his family when his son was only in kindergarten.

Nurse Holyfield - This character believes that a hyperactive boy is being improperly medicated.

Charlie - This character is disabled, in that his arms have no elbows and little length, so his hands are mere stumps at his...

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