Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jack Gantos
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Off the Wall and Family Tree

• Joey Pigza admits he is "wired wrong" and that he feels unable to control his behavior most of the time.

• The medicine he takes in the morning wears off by the middle of the day, and he ends up being rude to his teacher, who he really likes.

• Punishment has little effect on Joey as he misbehaves even while being punished by pretending to be a Tasmanian Devil and entertaining himself.
• Joey's father left when he was in Kindergarten, and his mother followed him, leaving Joey with her cruel mother-in-law.

• Joey knows his condition comes from his father and his grandmother, who both are hyperactive and have trouble focusing.
• Joey's grandma sometimes plays fun games with him like pretending to be a fly in his spiderwebs, but most of the time she is mean and abusive.

• Joey says the worst abuse he...

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