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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Bynum doing when he comes downstairs in Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) singing
(b) sneaking
(c) chanting
(d) crying

2. What does Bertha give Mr. Loomis for breakfast?
(a) a plate of eggs and sausage
(b) a bowl of grits
(c) a plate of eggs and bacon
(d) a plate of biscuits and gravy

3. Why does Bynum tell Loomis that he's singing?
(a) to entertain himself
(b) to deliver a message
(c) because he's driven to sing
(d) to bring joy to others

4. What does Molly say her mother wouldn't do?
(a) drink anything someone gave her
(b) wear clothes worn by another
(c) leave a window open
(d) eat something she didn't make herself

5. What does Seth say Joe Turner wanted from Loomis?
(a) someone to do his work for him
(b) someone to take his anger out on
(c) someone to make him feel big
(d) his sweat and caring

6. What are Seth and Bynum doing at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) playing dominoes
(b) playing checkers
(c) rolling dice
(d) playing cards

7. What does Mattie give to Zonia?
(a) a ribbon
(b) a flower
(c) a doll
(d) a picture

8. Who does Loomis say he's finding his wife for?
(a) God
(b) Joe Turner
(c) himself
(d) Zonia

9. What does Mattie say, when Loomis asks her to come be with him?
(a) that he's married to Martha
(b) that she's had enough of men
(c) that he'd use her up too fast
(d) that she needs to wait for Jack

10. Who does Bynum say he bound?
(a) Zonia to her mother
(b) Jeremy to Molly
(c) Bertha to Seth
(d) Loomis to his wife

11. Who does he say made up the song?
(a) men
(b) children
(c) a bartender
(d) women

12. What dead person does Reuben say he saw?
(a) Bertha's grandmother
(b) Seth's grandfather
(c) Seth's mother
(d) Bertha's father

13. Why does Seth say Bynum is singing?
(a) to be obnoxious
(b) because he's nuts
(c) to annoy him
(d) to distract him

14. What does Seth say when Bertha asks why he is late?
(a) He says he was checking up on Herald Loomis.
(b) He says he was on Logan Street talking with some men.
(c) He says he was out looking for workers to make pots.
(d) He says he was at the church asking about Martha.

15. Who was Joe Turner's brother?
(a) mayor of Memphis
(b) police chief of Memphis
(c) U.S. senator for Tennessee
(d) governor of Tennessee

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Loomis want to say to Martha?

2. What does Bynum encourage Mattie to do?

3. What does Molly say about whether she would have gone to Bynum's father?

4. Who is the only person Molly says she loves?

5. Why was Jeremy fired?

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