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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Molly say she slept soundly?
(a) She slept on the floor.
(b) She was tired.
(c) She feels safe.
(d) It was so quiet.

2. Who does Loomis say he's finding his wife for?
(a) God
(b) Joe Turner
(c) himself
(d) Zonia

3. What does Jeremy suggest Molly needs a man for?
(a) to have a good time
(b) to protect her
(c) to help her make a living
(d) to keep her out of trouble

4. What does Seth say Joe Turner wanted from Loomis?
(a) someone to do his work for him
(b) someone to make him feel big
(c) his sweat and caring
(d) someone to take his anger out on

5. What does Loomis say when Mattie asks what he'll do if he can't find his wife?
(a) Loomis says that he can't not find her.
(b) Loomis says that if he doesn't find her, he doesn't know what will happen.
(c) Loomis says that if he doesn't find her, he'll die.
(d) Loomis says that if he doesn't find her, he'll live for his daughter.

6. What room does Act 2, Scene 3 take place in?
(a) a bedroom
(b) the workshop
(c) the kitchen
(d) the parlor

7. What does Molly say about whether she would have gone to Bynum's father?
(a) She says it would be the first place she'd go.
(b) She says she wouldn't go unless a priest came with her.
(c) She says she'd never go to someone spooky like that.
(d) She says she might try it, but only if she had to.

8. What does Loomis want to say to Martha?
(a) that he wants her back
(b) that he still loves her
(c) goodbye
(d) that he hates her

9. What does Bertha say Loomis needs?
(a) someone to keep him in line
(b) someone to feed him
(c) someone to make him laugh
(d) someone to watch over him

10. What are Seth and Bynum doing at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) playing cards
(b) playing dominoes
(c) playing checkers
(d) rolling dice

11. Why does Seth say Bynum is singing?
(a) to annoy him
(b) because he's nuts
(c) to be obnoxious
(d) to distract him

12. What odd shift does Seth work?
(a) at night
(b) every other day
(c) two hours on, two hours off
(d) on the weekends

13. What does Seth say when Bertha asks why he is late?
(a) He says he was out looking for workers to make pots.
(b) He says he was on Logan Street talking with some men.
(c) He says he was at the church asking about Martha.
(d) He says he was checking up on Herald Loomis.

14. What does Loomis say when Mattie asks how he got separated from his wife?
(a) He says Joe Turner split them up.
(b) He says it was his own fault for getting himself caught.
(c) He says his wife deserted him at the worst time.
(d) He says he doesn't want to talk about it.

15. How long has Herald Loomis been looking for his wife?
(a) ten years
(b) four years
(c) seven years
(d) two years

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Reuben say Zonia looks like?

2. In what context does Bynum use the play's title?

3. Who did Reuben see out in the yard the previous night?

4. What does Mattie say no man wants?

5. What does Molly say her mother wouldn't do?

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