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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bertha give Mr. Loomis for breakfast?
(a) a plate of eggs and bacon
(b) a plate of biscuits and gravy
(c) a plate of eggs and sausage
(d) a bowl of grits

2. What are Seth and Bynum doing at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) playing dominoes
(b) playing checkers
(c) playing cards
(d) rolling dice

3. What does Bertha say Loomis needs?
(a) someone to watch over him
(b) someone to keep him in line
(c) someone to feed him
(d) someone to make him laugh

4. What does Zonia's father say can happen if you miss someone too much?
(a) You can stop remembering the person right.
(b) You can stop seeing the world.
(c) You can lose hope.
(d) It can kill you.

5. What does Molly say about whether she would have gone to Bynum's father?
(a) She says she wouldn't go unless a priest came with her.
(b) She says it would be the first place she'd go.
(c) She says she'd never go to someone spooky like that.
(d) She says she might try it, but only if she had to.

6. Why does Seth say Bynum is singing?
(a) because he's nuts
(b) to annoy him
(c) to distract him
(d) to be obnoxious

7. What does Bertha recommend to Loomis?
(a) a farm she knows is hiring
(b) a man who might be able to find his wife
(c) a school for Zonia
(d) another boardinghouse

8. Zonia asks Reuben what something feels like. What does she ask about?
(a) being kissed
(b) having a best friend
(c) having a home
(d) being dead

9. Who does Bertha say was doing the same as Loomis?
(a) Jeremy
(b) Molly
(c) Bynum
(d) Mattie

10. Who does Loomis cut with his knife?
(a) himself
(b) Seth
(c) Martha
(d) Bynum

11. How long has Bertha been with Seth?
(a) two years
(b) twelve years
(c) twenty-seven years
(d) seven years

12. What does Mattie give to Zonia?
(a) a doll
(b) a picture
(c) a flower
(d) a ribbon

13. What does Seth say Joe Turner wanted from Loomis?
(a) someone to take his anger out on
(b) someone to make him feel big
(c) his sweat and caring
(d) someone to do his work for him

14. How long was Loomis kept by Joe Turner?
(a) ten years
(b) thirteen years
(c) seven years
(d) three years

15. What does Bertha describe as Jeremy's flaw?
(a) being foolish
(b) being blind
(c) being ignorant
(d) being young

Short Answer Questions

1. What places does Jeremy say he wants to see?

2. What does Seth warn Jeremy, now that Jeremy has no job?

3. What does Mattie say she's been trying to figure out about Loomis?

4. Why did Martha move up North?

5. In what context does Bynum use the play's title?

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