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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Loomis has a vision?
(a) He bursts into flame.
(b) He begins shaking and can't stop.
(c) He runs away from the house.
(d) He collapses in terror.

2. Who does Bertha say she gets along with?
(a) children
(b) everybody
(c) women
(d) men

3. Who does Bertha suggest Martha first came to the town to see?
(a) Bertha
(b) Seth
(c) Bynum
(d) Selig

4. What does Mattie say about moving in to the boardinghouse?
(a) She had to sell some of her things to have room.
(b) She didn't have many things and Jeremy helped her.
(c) She will need a few days to finish moving.
(d) She didn't bring all of her things.

5. How does Jeremy say Mattie treats him?
(a) like a child
(b) like he wants to be treated
(c) like she's afraid he's going to leave
(d) real bad and real good

6. How much does Seth figure out Selig owes him for six pots, subtracting what Seth owes Selig?
(a) ten dollars and seventy-five cents
(b) four dollars and eighty cents
(c) thirty-five cents
(d) one dollar and twenty-two cents

7. Where does Molly go after paying Seth for a week's board and lodging?
(a) to the outhouse
(b) out to the twon
(c) to her room
(d) to the church

8. Why does Jeremy tell Mattie she should move in with him?
(a) so they can save money on lodging
(b) because he wants to be with her forever
(c) so neither has to be alone
(d) to have a good time

9. What does Seth tell Bertha to set aside, to come Juba instead?
(a) the baking
(b) the laundry
(c) the dishes
(d) the mending

10. What instrument does Seth play?
(a) a harmonica
(b) a horn
(c) a guitar
(d) drums

11. What does Bynum give Mattie?
(a) a potion to drink to bring love to her
(b) a pouch of herbs to make a tea that will ease pain
(c) a candle to burn each night until she forgets her sorrow
(d) a cloth packet to put under her pillow for luck

12. Why does Zonia say she and her father have to find her mother?
(a) Her mother is in trouble with the law.
(b) They need to bring her mother news.
(c) They need to give her mother an inheritance.
(d) Her mother ran away and left them.

13. How much time passes between the end of Act 1, Scene 1, and the beginning of Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) one day
(b) one week
(c) three months
(d) a year

14. How many dustpans does Seth have to sell Selig on his second visit?
(a) twenty-eight
(b) fifteen
(c) sixty-one
(d) three

15. What type of business does Seth want to start?
(a) making pots and pans
(b) shoeing horses
(c) building houses
(d) farming vegetables

Short Answer Questions

1. Who offers help if Mattie or Molly need anything, now that they've moved into the rooming house?

2. What does Selig ask Seth to make with the metal sheets he's brought?

3. What does Bertha say about Loomis hiring Selig?

4. How does Seth realize who Herald Loomis' wife is?

5. What do lenders want from Seth?

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