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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bynum say he has a woman in?
(a) memory time
(b) living time
(c) future time
(d) eternal time

2. Who does Mattie end up making a date with?
(a) Jeremy
(b) Herald
(c) Bynum
(d) Selig

3. What does Reuben sell to Bynum?
(a) stones
(b) pigeons
(c) seeds
(d) carving tools

4. Who offers help if Mattie or Molly need anything, now that they've moved into the rooming house?
(a) Jeremy
(b) Bynum
(c) Seth
(d) Bertha

5. Who left the rooming house, still owing Seth two dollars?
(a) Eugene
(b) Hiram
(c) Reuben
(d) Martha

6. Where does Herald Loomis hang around?
(a) on the front porch
(b) in the town square
(c) at the local store
(d) outside the church

7. What is Selig's nickname?
(a) the Pan Man
(b) the People Finder
(c) the Bargain Maker
(d) the Binder of What Clings

8. Why doesn't Seth want to tell Loomis where Martha is?
(a) He wants to keep Martha away from her daughter.
(b) He's afraid Loomis wants to harm her.
(c) He doesn't know for sure which Martha he's looking for.
(d) He wants Loomis to give him money first.

9. What does Seth say Selig would have to do, if Seth got his business going?
(a) work for Seth
(b) hire a helper
(c) expand his territory
(d) open up a store

10. Why does Jeremy tell Mattie she should move in with him?
(a) so they can save money on lodging
(b) so neither has to be alone
(c) to have a good time
(d) because he wants to be with her forever

11. Where does Bynum say he gets his name?
(a) because he buys nothing
(b) because he does magic by numbers
(c) because he is from Bynum
(d) because he binds people

12. How much extra does Seth want to charge Herald Loomis per week for his daughter's food?
(a) seventy cents
(b) three dollars
(c) one dollar
(d) twenty cents

13. What happens when Loomis has a vision?
(a) He collapses in terror.
(b) He runs away from the house.
(c) He begins shaking and can't stop.
(d) He bursts into flame.

14. What is the first question Seth asks Molly?
(a) how long she's staying
(b) who told her about his house
(c) whether she has any money
(d) where she comes from

15. How does Bynum say that Seth looks?
(a) skinny
(b) sad
(c) happy
(d) sick

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Bertha doing at the beginning of Act 1, Scene 2?

2. Who does Jeremy want Selig to find?

3. Who is Sally?

4. What does Bynum compare a woman to, that's "all a man needs to live on"?

5. What does Seth tell Bertha to set aside, to come Juba instead?

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