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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mattie say about moving in to the boardinghouse?
(a) She didn't bring all of her things.
(b) She didn't have many things and Jeremy helped her.
(c) She will need a few days to finish moving.
(d) She had to sell some of her things to have room.

2. What does Bynum compare a woman to, that's "all a man needs to live on"?
(a) biscuits and gravy
(b) meat and milk
(c) water and berries
(d) bread and wine

3. In what strange way does Loomis start to speak?
(a) in tongues
(b) in Swahili
(c) backwards
(d) in French

4. Where does Bynum say he gets his name?
(a) because he is from Bynum
(b) because he does magic by numbers
(c) because he buys nothing
(d) because he binds people

5. What does Bertha call Zonia?
(a) a good helper
(b) a lazy girl
(c) a happy innocent
(d) an ignorant child

6. What does Bertha want Seth to make her?
(a) a frying pan
(b) a coffee pot
(c) a metal platter
(d) a baking sheet

7. What fine did Jeremy have to pay?
(a) no fine
(b) thirty dollars
(c) two dollars
(d) fifty cents

8. How long does Seth say Bynum has been at the rooming house?
(a) ten years
(b) three years
(c) a year
(d) two months

9. What aspect of Mattie's looks does Jeremy comment on favorably?
(a) her hips
(b) her eyes
(c) her legs
(d) her hair

10. Why does Loomis say he can't stand up?
(a) He says his legs won't stand.
(b) He says his legs are missing.
(c) He says he doesn't want to stand.
(d) He says the Earth is grabbing him.

11. Where does Molly go after paying Seth for a week's board and lodging?
(a) out to the twon
(b) to the outhouse
(c) to the church
(d) to her room

12. Why did Martha leave the rooming house?
(a) She married a man.
(b) She found cheaper lodgings.
(c) She went to be with her mother.
(d) They moved the church.

13. Has Seth been successful finding funding for his business?
(a) Yes, he's found one backer, but he needs more.
(b) No, the one businessman who could back him won't.
(c) No, several people have turned him down.
(d) Yes, he's found all the funding he needs.

14. What instrument does Seth play?
(a) a horn
(b) a guitar
(c) drums
(d) a harmonica

15. What do lenders want from Seth?
(a) They want him to guarantee returns in writing.
(b) They want him to sign over 50% of the business.
(c) They want him to pay 10% interest.
(d) They want him to sign over his house.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can't Bynum tell Selig the meaning of life?

2. What spiritual entity is mentioned in the Juba, as noted in the play's stage direction?

3. How many dustpans does Seth have to sell Selig on his second visit?

4. What does Loomis say is happening as Bynum tells him that everyone in the vision is standing up?

5. How much does Seth figure out Selig owes him for six pots, subtracting what Seth owes Selig?

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