Joe Turner's Come and Gone Fun Activities

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Juba Lyrics

Write lyrics for your own Juba spiritual call and response dance.

Your Song

What is your personal song? Write lyrics to your song and explain what personal power or identity that you have, which the song represents.

A Vision

Write a mystical vision that one of the characters might have, and explain the symbolism and meaning of the vision.

Seth's Mother's Ghost

Seth's mother's ghost appears to Reuben, and Reuben tells something about her character. What would she have to say to her son, Seth? Write a new scene for the play: an encounter between Seth and his mother's ghost.

Pigeon with a Message

Write a message for one of Eugene's pigeons to carry to one of the characters. Draw or find a picture of a pigeon, and decorate it with your message. Explain why you chose to send this message.

Wish Letter from Mattie


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