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Andrew Birkin
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Chapter 11 begin?
(a) With a letter from Sylvia to Dolly discussing the death of Arthur and the grief experienced by the family.
(b) With Arthur's will.
(c) With a letter from Dolly offering her condolences.
(d) With Arthur's obituary.

2. Peter would later refer to Barrie's visits as what?
(a) Queer business.
(b) Amusing business.
(c) Rude business.
(d) Annoying business.

3. What happened when Gerrie became so upset?
(a) She became ill.
(b) She died.
(c) She suffered a miscarriage.
(d) She had a panic attack.

4. Barrie had been unable to spend much time with Sylvia and the boys in the summer of 1908 but surprised them with what?
(a) A three-week long cruise.
(b) A three-week long fishing trip.
(c) A three-week long camping trip.
(d) A three-week long ski holiday trip.

5. Mary was furious and issued what ultimatum?
(a) Either she is given less work to do or she leaves.
(b) Either her salary is raised or she leaves.
(c) Either she returns home or the resigns.
(d) Either Gerrie leaves or she would.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why could Sylvia not have an operation?

2. Mary's lover was appointed to ______________.

3. Who did Barrie support?

4. Arthur would soon find that the ____ miles he had put between Barrie and his new home was not enough.

5. After many years of being excluded from Barrie's work, Mary learned to use what and was able to perform duties for her husband?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Chapter 14 begin?

2. What happened when James learned of his wife's relationship with Gilbert?

3. How did Arthur's recuperation in a nursing home affect Barrie?

4. Why does Charles Frohman plan to leave earlier for London?

5. How were the Davies affected by Arthur's death?

6. What does Barrie continue to do after George and Frohman's deaths?

7. How does Arthur become ill?

8. How is Barrie now able to spend time developing a play? What is the title of this play?

9. How did Arthur die?

10. What benefits exist in the relationship between Mary and Cannan?

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