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Andrew Birkin
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. James Barrie's father, David Barrie, was a ______________.
(a) Weaver.
(b) Farmer.
(c) Painter.
(d) Miner.

2. During the summer of Michael's ________ birthday, the Davies family rented a cottage at Tilford, which was a five-minute walk from their cottage.
(a) First.
(b) Fourth.
(c) Third.
(d) Second.

3. What was James' favorite comic series?
(a) Ally Sloper's Half Holiday.
(b) The Yellow Kid.
(c) Penny Dreadfuls.
(d) Max and Moritz.

4. Did Barrie say he thought the play would be successful?
(a) No, he saw it as a dream child.
(b) Yes, it would be an instant hit.
(c) Yes, but not for a long time.
(d) No, he saw it as a waste of time.

5. Barrie had been working on the production of "The Wedding Guest," an Ibsen-like play that was ____________ the light hearted comedy, "The Little Minister."
(a) Nothing like.
(b) Almost like.
(c) Similar to.
(d) Just like.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was The Nottingham Journal?

2. Barrie decided to write about his mother's existence in the novel, ____________.

3. In 1882, Barrie returned to Kirriemuir with his _______ degree.

4. What happened when Frohman read the play?

5. The first draft of the play, "Peter Pan," was finished ____________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How was James' little sister Maggie important in his life?

2. Describe the financial situation of the newly-married Davies.

3. What did Mary Ansell soon learn about Barrie? How did this affect her?

4. Where did Mary and James find a country home?

5. Describe "Peter and Wendy." What did Frohman think of it?

6. How was the meeting of the Davies and Barrie chronicled in "Peter Pan?"

7. Why is Peter Llewellyn Davies' death significant?

8. What did Barrie think of hard work?

9. How was the summer of Michael's first birthday important?

10. Why might the Davies brothers begin to hate their association with Peter Pan?

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