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Andrew Birkin
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was The Nottingham Journal?
(a) An English provincial newspaper.
(b) A Scottish magazine.
(c) A Scottish provincial newspaper.
(d) An English magazine.

2. Barrie wrote about Peter, who still had the ability to fly because of what reason?
(a) His mother did not weigh him down at birth.
(b) He had discovered fairy dust.
(c) He could not grow up.
(d) He did not weigh much.

3. Who were all dubbed as Peter Pan in the press?
(a) Peter Davies and his friends, George, Jack, Michael, and Nico.
(b) Peter Davies and his sisters, Georgette, Jackie, Michelle, and Nicole.
(c) Peter Davies and his cousins, George, Jackie, Michael, and Nicole.
(d) Peter Davies and his brothers, George, Jack, Michael, and Nico.

4. After seeing "Bandalero the Bandit", the clergyman denounced the play in a local newspaper, referring to it as grossly immoral. How did Barrie feel about this?
(a) Surprised.
(b) Angry.
(c) Delighted.
(d) Embarassed.

5. It began to seem obvious that Arthur was ____________ thrilled with his family's involvement with Barrie.
(a) Entirely.
(b) Somewhat.
(c) Not entirely.
(d) Very.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was James Barrie born?

2. It was obvious that Barrie was much more at home with ______________.

3. At age 17, how tall was Barrie?

4. Why did Barrie enroll at Edinburgh University?

5. Edinburgh turned out to be the ______________ years of Barrie's life.

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did Mary and James find a country home?

2. Describe "Peter and Wendy." What did Frohman think of it?

3. What did Mary Ansell soon learn about Barrie? How did this affect her?

4. Why might the Davies brothers begin to hate their association with Peter Pan?

5. Describe "The Boy Castaways of Black Lake Island."

6. How did the theater influence Barrie early on?

7. How was the summer of Michael's first birthday important?

8. Describe the financial situation of the newly-married Davies.

9. What did Barrie think of hard work?

10. Describe James Barrie's childhood.

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