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Andrew Birkin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author describes the background of Arthur Davies, who was the son of Reverend who?
(a) John Llewelyn Davies.
(b) Jack Llewelyn Davies.
(c) Arthur Llewelyn Davies.
(d) James Llewelyn Davies.

2. What play had been inspired by George?
(a) "A Well-Remembered Voice."
(b) "Finding Neverland."
(c) "Peter Pan."
(d) "Heaven help us."

3. What was the working title of the play?
(a) Peter Pan and Wendy Darling.
(b) Peter Pan and Wendy.
(c) Peter and Wendy Darling.
(d) Peter and Wendy.

4. Next to whom is Barrie buried?
(a) Mary Ansell.
(b) Michael and George.
(c) His parents and two of his siblings.
(d) Sylvia.

5. Why was Arthur's father not offered a bishopric?
(a) He left the church.
(b) He had not completed his education.
(c) He went on a rant in front of Queen Victoria.
(d) He had been late to many church services.

Short Answer Questions

1. Arthur would soon find that the ____ miles he had put between Barrie and his new home was not enough.

2. What happened when Frohman read the play?

3. Barrie was surprised when Jack announced his engagement to __________________, the daughter of a Scots banker.

4. Edinburgh turned out to be the ______________ years of Barrie's life.

5. Birkin writes: "The engagement came as something of a surprise to their friends, for although Arthur and Sylvia made a spectacularly handsome couple, _____________ had virtually nothing in common." (Chapter 4 page 47).

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