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Andrew Birkin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It was not known if Arthur would be able to live for _______________.
(a) Six months or a year.
(b) Six days or six weeks.
(c) Six weeks or six months.
(d) A year or more.

2. Where was it torpedoed?
(a) Just off the Irish coast.
(b) Just off the American coast.
(c) Just off the English coast.
(d) Just off the French coast.

3. As fond of the Llewelyn Davies family as Barrie was, he was disappointed when who did not form a friendship?
(a) Arthur and Barrie.
(b) Mary and Sylvia.
(c) Arthur and Sylvia.
(d) The Davies boys and Mary.

4. Barrie had been working on the production of "The Wedding Guest," an Ibsen-like play that was ____________ the light hearted comedy, "The Little Minister."
(a) Almost like.
(b) Just like.
(c) Nothing like.
(d) Similar to.

5. Barrie began to tell Frohman about the play, which he had renamed what?
(a) The Great.
(b) The Great White.
(c) The Great White Father.
(d) The Great White Way.

Short Answer Questions

1. Shortly before Froham sailed on the Lusitania, who begged him not to sail due to threats of possible attack from German U-boats?

2. Eventually did Barrie did support the family?

3. The first draft of the play, "Peter Pan," was finished ____________.

4. Where was this surprise located?

5. Did Barri spend much time with Sylvia and the boys in the summer of 1908?

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